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  1. One year ago I suppose I should start with the beginning from over a year ago, as a member of the Black Legion, I found them to be very helpful and friendly overall, I saw the BL organize a group of members to lay a foundation of a new mainland town, they worked well together. I lived on a island that was raided and destroyed by MR. So being near homeless a fellow BL and friend asked if I would join em to join Ebonaura and help build a new town. Sounded like fun to me, its what I like. Sure, why not. Well after a couple weeks up there RL called me away and I never bothered coming back until now. Day 1 My first day returning to Wurm after a year, I wake to find myself trapped inside their city. To no surprise that I was gone for a year thus expected I would be removed from the town. With help of a couple friendly villagers, i was lead out of the city, where I proceeded to obtain safety in a mine until I can see about joining one of the towns, a lot has changed since I left. I managed to find a old mine i made from way back then, pretty poor shape but suitable for a temporary home. Day 2 My second day with my fellow Ebonaurans did not quite turn out as expected, this time I was met with a lot of hostility. When asked about joining a town and was immediately kicked from the kingdom and i lost my deity as well. Now I am very confused what was going on, now the guards are attacking me and i'm running for my life till i find a section of the coastline where it was safe, however I am dying now with severe injuries. I kept asking what is going on. They kept demanding that i get on ts and they will explain, does that sound a bit strange to you? It did to me, as ts can be useful, it was never a requirement to have and i don't even have it on my computer. I responded that i don't even have ts downloaded as I never use it. They further responded by demanding I get on ts or go away. I really didn't like how rude they were being about it. This wasn't the Ebonaura I joined a year ago, none of the characters from back then were present. One kept telling me that he remembers me, that I am a jerk and I am not fooling anyone. WHAT!? eh, getting even more confused. I didn't recognize his name and was thinking he must have me either confused with someone else or something else. I left BL to come help build a city and I am somehow now a jerk and trying to fool them. Then they accuse me of being a spy? So, I am thinking well if he knows me, he would know I would never be spy even more confusing. After about 10 minutes of asking the same question and saying i am not a spy, What are you talking about? What do you mean? etc. He finally says after I quit, BL raided 4 days later and mentions who I came with so now I know he didn't have me confused with someone else but was convinced I was a spy and then one of them killed me. So, that was my warm and fuzzy welcome back to Wurm. It's been very eventful and frustrating, and honestly I regret coming back, for the moment anyways. The PvP community is extremely and blindly paranoid of spys, I don't doubt something similar happens with the other kingdoms on a regular basis. They killed an innocent and will always believe I was a spy.
  2. well whatever the cause it seems to be solved, happy Wurming yall.
  3. Last night for some reason, i disabled system clock timer and started using nanotimer and it has worked and loaded properly since then. If you guys haven't tried, try this and let me know. I don't know if that is what it was...
  4. Day 6 for me, I'm glad my premium time is being wasted on both my accounts too. I got teased played for almost 4 minutes with normal operations and loading before it got stuck on refreshing, then back to loading a shaking world on restarting the client again. Yeah I hear that Trothyr, I got 70 days total, and dev help would be nice but I can't stay loyal with no support for a major problem such as this and I find it hard to believe it has anything to do with our isp's since this problem started with all of us at the same time with different isps, computers, graphics card and even operating systems.
  5. Day 5, hopefully this is solved before my subscriptions run out or there will be no point in trying to play wurm anymore. Still no response from devs or anything on this issue and becoming concerned. On a brighter note, I may be finishing season 1 of the original star trek today :-\
  6. I am on affliction with ATI card, win 7, java current version. Oh and I tried with everything enabled and disabled on min settings, had no affect.
  7. Yes, it doesn't feel like a graphic issue, but a networking one on wurm's end and only they will be able to help or solve this I fear. Takes many attempts to get a connection, then after awhile it eventually gets stuck on refreshing permanently. I'm stuck bashing down stone walls while watching original episodes of star trek on netflix. Please can a mod save me from this?
  8. Do you have a ATI card too? Wurm is so hostile towards ATI, or Java not sure which...and after last patch...
  9. Same for me, it's worst today than ever, first time got perma stuck on refreshing, second attempt perma stuck on sky shifting, it just doesn't load at all now.
  10. Day 3, and for you three, whatever you do try to avoid taking a ride as a passenger on a boat lol. Connectivity still at times unplayable. Limited to actions of long timers
  11. For last 2 days, wurm has been extremely laggy for 2 seconds delay times on any click, totally freezing while on a boat for minutes, longer load times. Meanwhile all other internet activities are normal. It's just wurm and started after one of the patches. I dunno if anyone else is having this issue but I can't play like this.
  12. Been on playing for, too long but then i got disconnected and can't connect anymore. Says servers are up, but it says when i try to connect server is unavailable. So are the servers down?