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  1. mystery chests won't open

    ok thanks,I thought it was a typo
  2. Cant play singleplayer Im new

    is there a particular reason that you have almost an entire page worth of the same post?
  3. mystery chests won't open

    i've stumbled across a couple of treasure chests that have a good quality lock but say it's unlocked however when i click on them they don't give me the option to open them. is it a typo meaning to say it's locked of is this a bug? any help would be great
  4. the bat file complains, the modlauncher.jar is missing and i realize its not in the zip file
  5. Ok i got it to work i had to reset the server
  6. I tried Bind K "flight" however it says Unknown command: flight it's spammed so i know its recognizing the key being pressed any suggestions?