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  1. Premium time, 20 days including today. Just used a referral to dump the skills. As for faith transfer, I haven't used anything like that, so if the character is eligible, then it should be available.
  2. The game character Galigan has been sold and is no longer associated with this forum account

  3. Payment confirmed. Congrats IkaDemandred on your acquisition Topic can now be closed.
  4. The characters Galigan and Zalmo are now basically sold to IkaDemandred. Pending confirmation of payment. Malac is also off the sale list as I decided not to sell it anymore. Thank you for everyone's interest and input on the matter.
  5. sold

    20 silver available, verified paypal only.
  6. Thank you for your feedback
  7. Bump. Still looking for opinions
  8. Orders filled, thank you for the purchases
  9. Prices on bars ar per item unless otherewise specified. Will send the pick as soon as I can log in.
  10. I'll take the 66ql mining potion and the 94ql woodcutting potion if still available
  11. another batch sent. I need clarification on which carving knife you want Ciocc
  12. items sent. Yldrania I'll meet you half way at 1.25s on the planter if you want it. Only sent you the brazier for now.
  13. I have a bunch of items for sale as I'm clearing out my inventory. Note on 'offers': You're welcome to PM me a reasonable offer on something you want. Reasonable is the keyword there. Gems totaling about 3282ql. Looking for 50c/100ql and will consider offers. 139 is the total number of gems and a detailed view of them can be found in the spoiler. Also selling 6x sleep powder @ 1s/each. Pickup on Release 286x 96.05ql woad for 6s. Mailable (1s mailing fee for 100) otherwise pickup only. 3.6k acorns 95.91ql. 4s/1k or make me an offer. Pickup only A few thousands of animal guts. Teeth, hooves etc. PM me ingame or on forum if interested. Pickup only Over 10k mixed meat around 50ql and around 600 mixed meat at 93-94ql, same as above Over 100k Nacho favor. Make an offer for a quantity, I guess. I'm thinking at 20-30c/k. Pickup only 1-2k of every herb/spice at 95ql mostly @ 2-3s/k. Will take less for stuff that doesn't double as nacho favor. You guessed it... pickup only (can just assume that everything is pickup only at this point ) 800 olives at 50ql 50c/100 and some more fsb stuff in 100-200 quantities that you might want to ask about in case you're coming for anything else. ... more stuff to be added at a later time 175 99.74ql and 200 92ql iron ore. 147 66ql coal, 240 36ql coal, 100 96ql gold ore, 100 92ql gold ore. Make an offer if you want anything. 8.4k dirt (28 crates) @ 1s/k with crates included or 0.9s/k with crates swapped. Pickup only Pickup location is M/L17 on Release Also selling silver @ 1euro each Make an offer if there's an item you want and think the price isn't right. Items can be mailed from a 96 courier mailbox.
  14. Bump. Would still like to hear more opinions
  15. Thank you for the info. Let me know if you're going to come for your coin. Almost qualified for a supreme one there :)) More opinions are apreciated
  16. Hi. Thanks for the opinion.It's definetly not making me happy though. That is a low price for what I thought they might get and it's not a price that I would part with my toons for. It may very well be what they are worth with today's market though. Thank you for taking the time to leave a reply More opinions are welcome. Free rare coppers for everyone tha gives me a price for them. Supreme ones for higher prices (pickup only )
  17. Bump Don't be shy people, let me know what you think these guys should go for
  18. Hello. I've been playing Wurm for 4-5 year now, on and off as most people do It's been loads of fun and it's been just as frustrating at times Going through some rough times at the moment so I've decided to see what my accounts could get and sell out if I find the price worth all the time and effort that has gone into making those characters what they are today. Please give me some idea of what I should expect to get from characters of this level and feel free to pm me with offers if you like any of them. You can expect them to come butt naked, with not a cent to their name. No premium time or available referrals either. And here are the characters: Galigan, a proficient smith, master of blacksmithing and a decent fighter as far as PvE goes: Malac, a red nosed (not a drunkard) Vynora priest, the very best herb picker, with decent channeling skill and an awesome cook (made plenty of CoC jokes, beware): Zalmo, the tortilla boy. Worshiper and priest of the mighty Nacho, comes with decent channeling but that's about it (a lot younger than his brothers): Additional information: Malac has an affinity for weaponsmithing that can be transfered to Galigan Also, all 3 characters are of the 'non bugged' variety with the affinity system. You can make food for any affinity for them with Icbash's tool, or I can supply meal recipes for affinities you want on them. His 96 botanizing is no small feat. You can get as much woad at 96+ql as you want (no random ql anymore) and any other herb/spice/you name it at 95+ql. Of note is the fact that herbs are the best Nacho favor ever, getting as much as 12 favor per piece for some and all herbs and spices can be chopped to fuel any priest with favor. Has decent soul depth too and can attach runes with much better chance than your average character. Iirc, has about 50% chance on lower 10's ql runes and about 70% on 20ish ql ones. Galigan's stone cutting and JS levels let him make runes with a pretty decent chance. No more buying runes for ridiculous amounts of coins. Get a good stone chisel and you'll be making bricks like it's nothing. And you'll be cutting lots of rocks once the new walls go live Zalmo has enough gardening skill to be able to get serious favor from harvesting planters. With 500 planters with rosemary in them, he can get about 4k favor every day with no more than 10 minutes invested (excluding setting up the planters ofc ) I'll add more info later if there are requests for it. Can't think of anything else I should mention about them atm.