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  1. Any Interest?

    This argument is ridicules if a kingdom spends months fortifying a deed it should be incredibly difficult to be raided. They have built walls 300+ slope added mine hops stone walls reinforced everything they can think of exc. So, what I think I’m hearing is even though the opposing kingdom have spent thousands of hours reinforcing deed defenses and are actively defending it you should be able to sack it in a matter of hours. Does this about some up this rather tenuous argument? I am sorry we don’t bow down to the great Crusaders, but this game should not change to fit your odd and rather telling belief that when TC attacks the defenders should just lay down. That will not happen, not to day, not tomorrow.
  2. Forest giant slaying

    What is the map address?
  3. Yesterday TC was attacking Ebo and we the player in Ebo and, only Ebo kept lagging, disconnecting and, freezing. We would relog and the issue would not go away. We have had this occur over our passed few engagements with TC and, people have frozen and lost drake, scale and other drops. I have been to many unique fights with over 100 toons in local and the lag was not as bad or as focused in one direction. If I was on one side of our deed looking away form the fight I was fine. When I went to the side of the deed under attack I would lag and dc. It is obvious TC was exploiting a bug or glitch in the game. Normally lag is not so directional. The developers need to check the Chaos server for the use of exploits and the GMs need to act accordingly. The drops should not have occurred. This issue needs to be addressed swiftly and the offenders face grave consequences. If you look at the local chat it is funny how the conversation changes from taunting and insults to a voice of concern over the extreme lag. They were the ones who were doing something to cause the lag and trying to explain it away as a server that needed to be reset. If it were a server needing to be reset it certainly would not have been just so localized.
  4. Revise the pvp affinity change for pvp

    My support has nothing to do with TC it has everything to do with balance. If you don't like the new system perhaps they should just roll it back to the old one then.
  5. Revise the pvp affinity change for pvp

    The old system was fine and the new system is fine. Pick which you want. I was pissed off when they talked about the changes.The new changes will not favor the high powered players with several affinities sounds pretty balanced to me. It even sounds like it's fairly well thought out. Sorry if this doesn't work for you perhaps you have too many affinities already.
  6. Revise the pvp affinity change for pvp

    You complained about what we had now you are complaining bout the changes. Call a wambulance!!
  7. Cheating or not?

    Now you are making personal attacks. Suffice to say we disagree about the subject and I will put aside the personal attack.
  8. Cheating or not?

    I you don’t get it you never will
  9. Cheating or not?

    It is not about the affinities. People need to stop being so short sighted. It’s about how the game keeps changing to make things more difficult on newer players to skill. I wonder how many people have done AFK shield training up into the 90s for instance. It was not considered a glitch until much more recently. Good luck trying to do that now. This is about keeping a level playing field. The funny thing is I have not personally collected an affinity for quite some time it’s more the idea of the whole thing. How the strong players (cringe) like Bloodmaster have taken advantage of many skilling tricks possibly glitches which are no longer available to players. If you are going to change things like that you need to remove the skills that were gained by exploiting these tricks.
  10. Cheating or not?

    That will be a neet trick. Come get me LOL. You are such a scary computer fellow but your network of priests sounds rather sketchy and don't you mean you will kill me seven hundred ways with a spoon? Last I thank you for calling me a kid you are too kind.
  11. Cheating or not?

    bla bla bla
  12. Cheating or not?

    When a "game" ceases to be fun then it is time to stop spending time and money on it.
  13. Cheating or not?

    Blood is full of it FYI.
  14. Cheating or not?

    That's fine change the game now all you want. My four toons that I keep premium will be running out and as they do they will not be renewing their game time. For the most part I can say it's been fun.