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  1. #2 rare rope tool (c89/w80), to me please.
  2. On the off chance he doesn't see this, I'll pass it along. Thanks!
  3. We had three spiders over the course of the day yesterday on P26, which is an improvement. But given other forum posts indicating that the devs are still on vacation, I'm going to chalk it up to random luck rather than an deliberate change.
  4. We've been a big, err, slow at getting DPS up and running. Original founder left, etc, etc. But we've put it back into high gear now that we have a bunch of bodies again. I hadn't seen that Esteron disappeared; it wasn't amazing, but it was really useful when I needed it. How about the tiny market area that was just to the east of the Esteron Market deed?
  5. Compass, Brass (76.59ql, WoA 80) = 5s cod to me, please. thanks!
  6. I like what you've done with the place! I had been going through and farming the trees there a while back, since they were nicely laid out and plentiful, but it's nice to see someone living there.
  7. Let me check with my colleagues this afternoon, but I think we can take all of that off your hands. Certainly some of it. ETA: yup, happy to take it all. ping when you're online. we're just around the bay from you..
  8. Derp, sorry. 75ql, please. /me blames the hot weather here. :-)
  9. We've been doing regular 'get info's on our island in the south east. At a guess, it's around 40,000 tiles in size. We currently have: one troll. And this is after a great cattle cull last weekend.