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  1. Possible unique metagaming concern

    Best part of this game imo
  2. Possible unique metagaming concern

    I am a random nobody and have found 5 I pm whoever I think may be online to say hey, there is a bad guy here. I do not know enough about how to pen to do the deed myself.
  3. Another Release type server

    My sentiment exactly.
  4. I think normal PVE'ers would be up for this. I would really enjoy playing this server as I think a lot of ppl would. Please do this if you can. And the sooner the better. It saddens me how many ppl have been alienated from over the last 6-7 years and I would love to see them come back to this game.
  5. Valrei International. 084

    Looking forward to the dev stream. Cool.
  6. It would be very nice to have a single forum thread with a searchable title that includes links to all servers' player-made maps for traveling (the ones that have roads + deed names). When I am traveling across servers, sometimes it is a journey to Google individual server's Community Maps. Xanadu's is very easy to find, but it took me about 4 or 5 times to find a good Indy one, and it is a bit dated, even. What do you think?
  7. Traveler's Compilation Thread for Player-made maps

    Sure thing Panda. What I was hoping for was a compilation of those "starred" threads for "Community Map." for each server. Not every server has it at the top like Xan or Release does, and named "Community Map." Thank you all for your help. I'll think about and perhaps make one. Would be a handy tool when you randomly cross servers and need deed-name reference.
  8. Traveler's Compilation Thread for Player-made maps

    I appreciate your help Brash, and will review what you recommended.
  9. Traveler's Compilation Thread for Player-made maps

    I'll check it further, thanks. --edit: that is the one I ended up using, but I think I found an older link via my Googling. Strange. I believe mine was 2017.
  10. Traveler's Compilation Thread for Player-made maps

    I didn't mean there shouldn't be individual server threads. There def should be. However, I am proposing a mass-updated thread for all servers. We like to cross back and forth, right? For exploring or trading purposes? Well, it would rly be nice to have all servers' comm maps that are not map dumps, but "deed dumps" - i.e. updated by players, to be in one thread so we aren't 50-tabbing.
  11. Traveler's Compilation Thread for Player-made maps

    It's not for me specifically. It is for the community. And it could be editable (I wonder if it can be?) by more than one? Idk. Maybe someone could be responsible for it. I'll volunteer - as it only involves receiving links from each servers's map admin. I literally sit at work and read the forums for 8 hrs all day (server My thread was asking if there was one I was missing, and if not, there should be.
  12. Traveler's Compilation Thread for Player-made maps

    I currently have 15 tabs open in my browser for trying to find the best Indy community map. I did find it in less than 5 minutes. What would be nice however, is for all servers' "Community Maps" to be accessible in one thread (Google-"able"). Xanadu is googled on the first try. And I know how to find Release's. However, Indy's naming convention isn't the same, and all I found was old maps. That is my proposal.
  13. Traveler's Compilation Thread for Player-made maps

    What I was proposing was One Thread to rule them all. Rather than navigating to each server thread. If there is one, that is all I was asking. If there isn't, I propose there be one
  14. Traveler's Compilation Thread for Player-made maps

    However, do I need to navigate to each server thread individually? Do they label each "Community Map" on a consistent Naming Scheme?
  15. Traveler's Compilation Thread for Player-made maps

    This is very nice. Thank you for that compilation. However, you just posted it here and it is not in it's own "starred topic." Do we have one? And it is updated regularly? Is there a specific topic in the forums that has this for random explorers?
  16. Traveler's Compilation Thread for Player-made maps

    I was actually using that. And went to the first few links. But they weren't what I wanted and I then googled more and found a 2017 one i liked. Idk why, maybe the one I found is on that link, but why not the most relevant at the top? I will review further. Yeah, just checked. The top link is the map dump thread. I like the map dumps, but when I'm exploring for a purpose (trading for example) I want the player-made one within my reach without having to create a bookmark folder in a specific browser for a specific Google user that has all servers. That first link in that thread doesn't take me where I want. I'm hoping for one link to a list of all current, player-made maps, of each server, with dead names. ---Well. The most recently updated ones. I fully understand that they are volunteer basis.
  17. Sounds of Wurm Online

    I love all the sounds in this game. It's part of what makes it unique. Kind of like that help button/vs keybind thread. I love every quirky part of this game. I even bought the soundtracks lol
  18. Kingdom Cloth Barding

    Do the deed please.
  19. Song Of The Day (No Trolling, Just Music)

    Normally, when I'm at work, it's this:
  20. Song Of The Day (No Trolling, Just Music)

    When you're riding 60+ miles on your road bike
  21. Song Of The Day (No Trolling, Just Music)

    Best with house-wide bass