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  1. I have many good things to say about this vendor. Great Wurmian, happy purchase.
  2. I climbed a mountain on Harmony and found a wild horse a couple weeks ago.
  3. Harvestmoon is a great village for all levels of players. I joined in 2014 and am always willing to help out anyone, as are the other villagers. @Johnston3I often give new players equipment if they would like better equipment, and we never expect anything in return here. We are just players who love to help out new people. I'll travel the whole server to pick someone up so they don't have to waste their village teleport. Everyone here is super helpful. Whoever wants to join can pm me as well. Happy Wurming!
  4. @StarsHollowlooking forward to you having more dragon hotas
  5. I'll take 2 deer. Thank you. Where do I pick up, or do you deliver?
  6. Another thing I want to say about Ultradude (Ultracat on the forums) and Harvestmoon Lagoon: We are very welcoming and are not strict. We are a forgiving and loving community that do not require anything of you except that you have fun! We exist to help you grow
  7. Great video. Harvestmoon Lagoon is a great deed. Been here since 2014. So many great players of the game have came to this deed, grown, and moved on to become their own deed owners and exceptional players in the community. Just pm us on the forums or in game and we'll be happy to come pick you up on any server. We focus on helping new players learn the game. We also welcome experienced players a place to join, live, and regroup! A very friendly community exists not only at HM, but on Release. Come and see for yourself
  8. Same...don't leave. The game is getting small enough as it is
  9. Gratz man, that's cool! Jealous of those silvers and the kills lol
  10. I am a random nobody and have found 5 ❤️ I pm whoever I think may be online to say hey, there is a bad guy here. I do not know enough about how to pen to do the deed myself.
  11. I think normal PVE'ers would be up for this. I would really enjoy playing this server as I think a lot of ppl would. Please do this if you can. And the sooner the better. It saddens me how many ppl have been alienated from over the last 6-7 years and I would love to see them come back to this game.
  12. Looking forward to the dev stream. Cool.