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  1. I don't see woodchip paths yet or woodchip mulch. +1 for being able to make woodchips for paving paths
  2. Silly things you have done in wurm

    It never fails that when I'm catapulting something, I catapult something important to me by accident instead of rock shards. Also, @Psalamon, I have done what you have done too many times to count and had to have various players help me recover my body on various servers from a 31+ mob party.
  3. Have you Scored a Affinity yet?

    [11:25:12] You realize that you have developed an affinity for mind. Building low stone walls. First for this toon (Nami) Ver got Digging for...diggging
  4. WTB Valhalla Descendants Kingdom Merch.

    Back in 2015 - But maybe there are some still out there?
  5. Wall Fountains

    Bump for wall fountains
  6. Valrei International 036

    I personally vividly remember having to dodge trees as a noob. I like that this will be true again for wandering the wilderness.I think I have become complacent running through trees on my horse. I also appreciated gaining stamina on hills from leaning against trees. I also like some of the suggestions in previous posts re: having climbing tools. Sounds interesting.
  7. I just went on the unstable test server...

    I started using the unstable client a few days ago and I love it. I also loved the fact that I had zero lag or disconnects at the unique fights today on high settings on my laptop. I'm hooked.
  8. The Yokes on You

    @Brew, though, respectfully, I do understand your perspective, however, from a GUI standpoint and user perspective for a game/interface, defaulting to the most common and useable crafting item makes more sense than something sorted by default, based on?
  9. Wall Fountains

    +1 so beautiful
  10. That thread about cats!

    She wants hugs or food. My cat races across your legs with claws extended when her food dish is empty <3 She's on here somewhere.