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  1. Seems like it's pretty difficult getting your own thing going xD
  2. Oh damn, looks like I didn't look far enough O.O
  3. As someone who likes to Roleplay in appropriate games that allow for it in multiplayer servers, I just wanted to know how many others out there that play Wurm are wondering the same thing. Why aren't there any RP servers in WU? It's gotten to the point where I'm considering trying to make my own, so if anyone feels the same way and would like to get involved lemme know. OR vice versa. OR! There isn't anyone else that plays WU that wants to Roleplay. O.O Thanks for reading. 0_/
  4. [20:30:29] You see a knarr under construction. Ql: 4.6990204, Dam: 0.0. The knarr needs 196 tenon, and 258 hull plank, and 153 iron rivets, and 6 belaying pin, and 1 square yard rig, and 7 thick rope, and 56 tar, and 288 peg, and 59 deck board to be finished. I'd like to order those remaining parts please at 60ql.
  5. I also sent a PM here on the forums
  6. Great price on this, I'd definitely considering buying if I wasn't already firmly planted in the soil of Wurm. o.O
  7. I am looking to buy a Vynora priest anywhere past the first stages of priesthood as I am incredibly lazy and have tried before and made some awful, awful mistakes resulting in a lot of lost time.... To be more specific, I'm willing to pay either through Silver or Paypal, prices and whatnot can be discussed after contacting me through an Ingame PM or on the forums here. Anyone who might be interested in selling, contact me and we'll have a chat Thanks. Just on a sidenote though, I'm not looking for some beefy ass priest that can do like 90 coc or something, just something fairly average I guess.