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  1. SOLD in record timing 😂 Please close!
  2. [13:43:58] Your available money in the bank is now 1 gold, 60 silver and 22 iron. Title says it all! Message me here to arrange something as I'm not often in game (you'll see from my other topics that I'm selling out and this is the last of it) PM me if you'd like references from previous transactions Thanks!
  3. Drake armour and glimmer helm sold!
  4. Bump (fixed the images)
  5. Have had this hide since the old dragons which dropped multiple ~7kg hides... and some random scraps. I have no way of splitting the 7.35kg hide and I don't have access to a LWer to make sets (just sold her because I forgot I had this) so it's going to have to go as a lump. Drake sets (without cap) weigh 2.9kg so this hide will make 2 drake sets with 1.55kg left over for spares. The colourless hide shows up as black, but you can easily change the colour if you have scraps. Looking for 150euro OBO for the lot. Pick up or mailed from Celebration. Thanks!
  6. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays all!
  7. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays all!
  8. Haven't played in a loooong time so it's about time I got around to this... Presenting: Drega - Thought Eater in Path of Knowledge Miki (Vynora priest) - Rosie - 12th Deva in Path of Love Black Tome (Witch) Euro/USD/GBP are fine Sniper protection 1hr
  9. Euros/USD(/GBP) only please Black drake hide armour - NO CAP, 90-99ql, every piece has 95aosp SOLD Glimmersteel longsword, 79.92ql enchanted with HD, nimbleness 83, life transfer 88, circle of cunning 66, mind stealer 64 Glimmersteel great helm, 82.18ql, enchanted with web armour 86 SOLD These items are on Celebration, can mail or you can pick them up from Northern Sanctuary Thanks!
  10. 1s = 1€ Post here or PM Must have verified PayPal and references Thanks!
  11. Seller beware: Made a PayPal dispute and claimed back the money for drake hide.

  12. 1s = 1€ Post here or PM Must have verified PayPal and references Thanks!