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  1. [17:49:28] An exquisite mansized practice doll made from shafts, a pair of planks and a pumpkin. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. It is made from walnut. You must use a file to smooth out the practice doll in order to improve it. Ql: 41.186638, Dam: 0.0. Starting Bid: 1s Bid incriments: 0,5s Snipe protection: 1h If I can I will COD it to the winner, if not then you can pick it up at Summerholt Xanadu. I am very sorry everyone, but I was made a private offer and I have sold my item. This topic may be closed.
  2. Hello there potential buyer, I am interested in selling the following: 3K of Dirt - 1s per 1k 1k of Wemp at 40QL - 0,8s per 1k 1k of Cotton 37QL - 0,8s per 1k 1k of bricks - 2s per 1k - Can make more if requested Emeralds - 31,87QL; 1QL; 22QL Diamond - 31QL Gems in total are worth: 86c Ideally would like to swap large crates for large crates, but if you can't then we can just load them manually over to your crates. Everything can be picked up at Xanadu, starter town Summerholt(g23). Good accessibility by knarr, however other vessels may come near the town from the northern side or moor themselves at the opening of the Summerholt canal. I would be more than happy to transport the goods to you if you can't come to the city, but just close to it. I can ship the items to you if you wish, however the cost would depend on where exactly you want the materials delivered. If it's near Summerholt then I can just deliver them to you if you wish. If you're interested leave me a message or contact Kakarot in-game.
  3. If you guys are still doing it I would be interested in joining to get my tools imped.
  4. If you're still making them then could you please CoD on to Kakarot. Thank you in advance!
  5. Never mind, I found out that the postage is too high for me at the moment.
  6. Wow, now that's awesome! Do you have the entire area under deed or perimeter? Or have you guys built on wilderness tiles too? Thank you for your tips.
  7. I thought you meant to use tar for lighting lamps and lanterns. My bad. I have been playing around with it a little already, but still thanks. Do you guys know any tutorials that exist for the program?
  8. We thankfully talked to a guy who allows us to use his mine for iron and whatever we find so no worries about that. We don't have tar, but we have olive trees not that far from us. Also there are some clay tiles too next to the lake we are at. Thanks, we will consider it.
  9. Hello wurm veterans, So a group of people and I are trying to plan our first town/village and we thought we would ask the veteran players for some advice. The settlement will be on Xanadu near Summerholt and so far we have thought about farmlands, tree plantation, a community kitchen, skilling area, storage area and a hotel/apartment building where we can crash until we get on to our feet and build our own individual huts. We want to avoid a situation where we put in a lot of effort and then think: "Ooh, should have really thought about that and that. Gonna have to redo it all." Do you guys have any suggestions about different things that we should note when building a settlement or got any tips in general? Thank you in advance
  10. Thanks. Iron hatchet woa71 group 4. COD to julij2.