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  1. Economic statement for Gratsalot. Kings coffers: 45 silver, 47 copper and 1 iron (454701 irons). Total money at traders: 13 silver, 11 copper and 5 iron. Trader - 12s, 97c, 99i. Ratio=1.4317966 Trader - 13c, 6i. Ratio=8.4940717E-4 These numbers have not changed in a week's time.
  2. Seems this is still being a problem. Any word on this from a Dev?
  3. Would be nice to get some feedback on what Sklo put here.
  4. Come on Sme, you've been HoTS before. Healing on mycelium while out hunting? Joke. Never knew anyone in HoTS that would go out hunting without cotton. Zombies with half the CR? Joke. Once the age of 70 archery came about, that ended zombie trolls. Mycelium for food? Joke. Once you take half an hour of SB and get 30 HFC, who gives a damn about nutrition. Facts are facts. The one thing that made Libila attractive was what made all four faiths attractive...their individual uniqueness. That all went away with the introduction of player deities. Meta gaming has always been the Achilles heal of Wurm, and player made deities just completed the cycle. I know I've advocated complete wipes and restarts of whole servers before and looked extreme saying that. However, I honestly don't know what would bring back old players at this point short of exactly that.
  5. 0/10 Trolling not your forte' I can see the powers that be have stolen some stupid pills from Rolf's stash before he left. If anyone like me is thinking of trying to come back to this game, THIS type of crap ain't making it happen.
  6. Thanks for the answers. Guess I'll check back in another 6 months. Rest easy mods, I'm not back to be a thorn in your sides just yet. There has to be something here to care about for that to happen.
  7. ...but not sure if this game is coming back or still going down the crapper? Anything being done with PvP other than adding more garbage to pad the stats of the ancient accounts?
  8. Sorry, but everything that can be done to "fix" Epic involves leaving in place the one thing that is stopping people from playing there and stagnating the PvP of opportunity. I had a couple characters on Epic that were perfectly fine to go up against the other accounts there, however the accounts would curbstomp newer players, and that's what sucks. There is no fix for the eventual stagnation that comes with the PvP servers aside from a complete wipe and restart on a periodic basis. After a certain time frame, a newer player cannot compete, pure and simple. Let the PvP servers play out for a set amount of time, developing the usual exploits, politics, and terraforming. Hot fix what you can and work on permanent fixes along the way. Reset after the set time frame allowed, or set up a win scenario and apply the permanent fixes for the new round. Turbonerds can turbonerd, and casuals can be casual, without the possibility of accounts getting out of hand and making people feel like there is no way to catch up. At that point teamwork becomes a priority instead of grinding. You wanna hermit in this game, I suggest playing PvE.
  9. They also aren't exactly convincing anyone to play on Epic either. But good try with that biting wit. How's that working for ya?
  10. Notch

    Carm killing the joke before it even starts. You are getting better with age buddy. Love ya.
  11. Notch

    Do what? Seriously Carmichael, I can't even fathom.