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  1. In a mid size pen, for the last 6 months no packed tiles... Bam 8 packed tiles. Same amount of horses. Also have a full feeding trough.
  2. Hatchet, Grooming Brush, Butcher Knife 70's CoC- 3 for 99 Copper Deal Please Cod Zertil Thanks
  3. The Ctrl+drag is Tree>Your Inventory>Cart/wagon/boat, But instant. Main issue is that its annoying to hold Ctrl and drag constantly, when you could have a hotkey do the same thing. You do still need to be able to hold the tree to do the drag but it shouldn't be too hard to add a check that you could pickup the item your loading tree wise.
  4. Yah Imping arrows still sucks for the amount you need for it to matter.
  5. What if With the battle camps, Winning side all get 1 hour of sleep bonus, Have them pray at a pvp portal so no overflow issues and make it so they needed to be at least on the server. People who are there at the camps get 2 maybe 3 hours? and they can redeem at a pvp portal also to stop overflow. That will get people active in it asap. Hell im betting some pve only guys would come over if they could be active in winning the camp and getting the 2 or 3 hours of sleep.
  6. yah its kinda dead now for most areas
  7. Are you Removing healing by sacing with this change? Can you make Non libila favor suck less?
  8. Why are the Devs asleep right now with this issue?
  9. Elevation Changes Staying Thats how it was set on Epic Elevation no Sotg. Also It was always Everything at 11, until scaling.. so no scaling means nothing pre 11.
  10. If anything, Make a Screen and Sound that goes off for the 30 min,15 min, 10 min, 5 min, 1 min ect raid window closing, Make the 5 min and 1 min Annoying as hell for enemies to not miss. While at same time, make sure the defenders only see it on screen, as a message. So that during a reg day if they are doing random stuff on deed so its not annoying the hell out of them. Or add a beacon like effect coming off token that shoots into the sky in a deep foreboding red to signal to all attackers, gtfo now or you are dead if you get trapped when the timer for raid runs out. hell make it so in the last 30 or 15 mins of the window, no walls on deed can go up.
  11. Its just a launcher, Its just like the shortcut on your desktop, you click it and the Wurm online game launcher pops up. Only thing is that you Click the game in steam for the launcher to popup, or you can also make it a shortcut like the default Wurm online client. Or you just use the default launcher for WO to connect to steam. The mod for multiple connections in Wurm Unlimited, is needed(can do it without the mod also) is because WU uses steam for the backbone of account and connection handling and steam does not like having multiple connections from the same user.
  12. Attempted to priest up at the Jackal starter town. Chars have 30 Faith as libila and attempt to become priest at the Beacon of Freedom at start town. Just get [16:17:26] You must be close to the huge altar in order to become a priest. Moved around and attempted to priest from all reachable locations and not able to priest. Attempted to priest on Dinkle Fentler Morker
  13. Tree log count is only based on age of tree. Fruit trees give jack all no matter what.
  14. From what I have heard no curve, 3x/3x Wurm Unlimited skilling. 6 month resets
  15. No info yet, but sounds like we will need to clear our way into the landscape by reclaiming land and taking out their beacons and making our own. Ill probably be there with 3 alts doing bulk stuff and should be a fun time.
  16. Hope loadstones work like epic portals. Be nice to setup public ones after they are created.
  17. 489, 1867 Deed - Cursed Fields just a spot move, reported position was off.
  18. If they changed cool down to 1 hour for true strike it dose not take a scientist to figure out o gee lets add 5 zeroes to the cool down so its 415 days or something.
  19. All they would need to do is toss a couple of zeros onto the end of a favor cost so they cant be casted, or set favor regen to say -100 favor per tic, or remove Statuette from being made, or make the required faith for spells 100+. No need to wipe faith. Just make it worthless. Either way is ok with me ill survive with or without priests. But main issue is that if you keep your high skills, why not faith?