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  1. Distant rendering, show it off!

    Something From the past from the main website back on Dec 7th 2003
  2. A New Elevation

    Low/No starting items could work. Only issue is gona need a lot of rock tiles.
  3. Which year is this from:

    December 30th 2007 first snapshot on Wayback https://web.archive.org/web/20071230100500/http://wurmonline.com/ingame/ October 2003 for main site https://web.archive.org/web/20031006220513/http://www.wurmonline.com/
  4. Fresh would feel really good.
  5. Missing Keybinds

    Look>Equipment on horses Manage on gates ect Place Secure Drink Taste bank>manage band>withdraw Check Mail Permissions>Manage item Bsb's Fsb ect Lore for all cooking containers Rename Just random ones i could find
  6. Why was PvP abandoned?

    Anti Esp is going pretty good in testing for Conquest 3. Used to cause server to burst into flames with 5 people. Last test only had issues with 20-30 in a flat area and from what was talked about there was a lot more optimization to be done.
  7. Why was PvP abandoned?

    Hell have a contest, and have the top 1-3 setup so people can test on some random Wu server. Heck just host the file on google drive for the maps. Then people can point out issues and you don't need to even do anything because the makers of those maps can fix issues and resubmit it to the pool of testing. People can look at a map who are experienced and know if the map is crap or not to get it into the 1-3 for testing. Also don't need to care about the mining map cause you can respawn that if you decide to make it the server map.
  8. Why was PvP abandoned?

    Yes lets play something that is dead and give money to the people who have left it for dead. Great idea there.
  9. I could see this being a big help in storage management and more areas for carpentry/fine carpentry. Maybe have the splitter be jammed by what it controls as a QL(so a 50ql splitter would need you to remove the 50ql inside before you could remove the splitter).
  10. Google Plus (G+) closing down for consumers.

    Felt alot safer when I moved onto a password handling program like lastpass. I just need to remember my main password and all other websites get max amount gibberish passwords. Like 30PDJcvbjK0wA3uvb21WqjK2PEcaPkRoYOPcH3AL8HH7Rrgo2RrT419PGv7KOKHe8Isqb5cdBU3Y9xmz24v8s vs kitty1234
  11. Valrei International. 068

    Be nice of instead of Shatter there was a wipe of all enchants, and maybe a "curse/damaged effect" that would leave the item for a set amount of time based on say channeling/Rarity of item/Soul Depth unable to be enchanted. Better priest stats shorter time say 1-2 weeks, Priest with bad stats 2-8 weeks. Have the Cursed/Damaged effect have a counter that can be brought down little by little by casting a high favor cleanse spell. Good priest fail, you can remove the curse/damaged effect maybe cost 1-2k favor in cleanses? Low skill priest fail, you can remove 2-5k favor. Then you can if you get it cursed/damaged you wait the time or pay a lot of favor to get the item ready to be enchanted again. maybe tie the two together, cast favor on it to bring the timer down or wait then cast the debuff down
  12. Wooden hen house

    +1 I would love this
  13. [Release] [Client] WurmEsp

    Would there be a way to highlight tiles you cant ride up/down with horses? basically anything with 2 corners >40 in total Have it Tint/highlight red with button on esp Button panel.
  14. TWL - Closing

    You must be bad at figuring out if a steamid number is that same as another steamid number. Since Codeine on your server is a different steamid number. The one spamming alts has different steamid number. You claimed Codeine is Codeine on your server. I then made a name of one of your Admins/you on another server to show that, gee wiz golly If someone has not been on a server anyone can take the name. The lost comment is due to you somehow going away from topic and getting lost.