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  1. Same issue here have 3 alts that tried to use the 2s for new month, none worked so put a support ticket in.
  2. Some tips 1) Have your deed in the name of an alt. For when you main one rips. 3) Cant use a rune to teleport to a location within 100 tiles. 4) As of now 1 min use timer. 5) Min Quality to use QL 50 6) Range you can travel with runes is QL=% of server size you can travel. 7) 30 Favor to use Treasure maps have some great drops. But you gonna get mess you up stuff from the high level ones.
  3. Server looks to be all set!
  4. Currently working on some issues that need to be resolved.
  5. Currently working out the loot. Pretty much everything can be made to drop except boats/forges/carts Higher mobs drop better armor Weapons with increased enchantments. Bears drop 2x building mats bulk, Sheep/bull/calf/hen/horse/bison Will be adding planks onto building mats since missed it at start. Hell based mobs(except hell horse) drop coal Sea based mobs drop boat building materials in bulk(not until fixed they come enchanted and cant go into crates) Horses drop low horse gear, hell horses drop low horse gear and low horse gear. Most food dropped from lower level mob is mid point for most recipes gravy/mix/stock ect. Also fruit/olives/grapes Map is large so pvp focused people can go to the center and non pvp focused can go to the outer reaches. Speed is 3x/3x to help focus on loot and people who want to work on making skills better to keep any nice loot they find imped. Speed is little slow, but once you start to get skills up it will pickup well. Also high tier tools can have upto 104 botd. Mid tear think 70 and low tools Woa upto 71. Doe/Deer/Mountain lion/brown cow no loot cause forgot to make the rule for them. Will be adding loot to them soon. Unicorn Mid level Tools with Botd along with chance of arrows Sheep/Ram Food/build Wild Cat low weapons with LT and Tools with WOA
  6. You can Infinity Bowls ;p Bowl>99 Bowls>99 Bowls in each Bowl>99 in Each Bowls to infinity
  7. Played around some on Haka's server with No Local, 20 range render. Helped alot in making you watch out for people and made it possible to go into enemy territory for quick raids. with 20 local(for render, None for tab) make Bearmod a lot weaker unless they are spinning their view non-stop. Could if it warrants make it so Crafting title increases the amount you gain on an improve more? Like Plate Smith ect so its faster to make sets.
  8. Would it be possible to make a rock shard Spell like the dirt spell for getting alot of rock shards? Or perhaps making every one mined 3-5 times heavier, so it wont stop mining, but you can bsb them to split the one 100kg into 5x 20kg rock shards in a bsb/crate? Or making the Granite Wand work on rock tiles like it does on veins, 10x ore/shards per use?
  9. Really want to try this Mod/speed/skill setting with extreme mountains. Would be interesting making the map navigate able with bridges and tunnels.
  10. Are you going to have the same basic Mountains layout or are you going to go for an extreme moutain map. Think that would be fun with the timers and overall settings on the server if there were some extreme mountains..
  11. Humm Seems that dragon was just as easy as on deso 3 wait... 25 Body str Vs 50 Body Str 0 Sotg vs 30% Sotg Studded ql mid 30-40 vs Full 90+ glimmer steel 25 Weapon skills vs 98-100 weapon skill low defense skill vs 98-100 Defense skill 25 stance vs 98-100 stance 0 enchants vs enchants 0 priest heals vs Priest heals 0 Champs vs Champs
  12. Guess nothing to do for 2+ days till epoch 2.
  13. all hots
  14. [00:36:19] A Spirit templar is dead. R.I.P. [00:38:10] A guard has noted you and stops you with a warning. 2 Mins respawn??