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  1. Since i moved to NFI buying enchanted stuff in this shop. Nice prices, fast delivery, what else could you possible dream of? Highly recommend!
  2. Greeting fellow citizens of Wurm! Come, come from far and wide and buy our best goods for a reasonable prices! Here are some examples of what you can get in our shop: Some fine tools, that will help you in your hard work! Some gems for jewels or favor! You always can order bulk items like stone (sandstone,marble) shards,dirt,sand,peat etc. We also provide landscape and construction works, check it out here! All prices are negotiable, you always can leave a message here, or contact me ingame typing in chat "/tell DaaDaaa" without quotes. Cheers 0/
  3. Selling Trowel 90QL 95 BotD and Stone Chisel 90 QL 95 BotD
  4. We provide construction,mining,digging services. To order a construction you need just make a "blueprint" in deed planner , send it to us and leave everything else to us! We'll do the maths,make\buy resources and deliver them to your location! You'll get calculation tabs of materials and work cost. Contact DaaDaaa via ingame or post a message here. Our finished projects: Ravenhelm Storage @ Deli We opened a shop! Come and see!
  5. Brilliant work out there you guys! Thank you,make Indie more safe with such things)