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  1. Ok, fixing it now ! Thank you so much. I set it to "Always" so on next reset it should be back to normal .
  2. No rare altar. It was only 6 or 7 listeners. It doesn't explain why I can only pray 2 times after a reset. This has been happening for a couple days now. Each time there is a reset I am only able to pray two additional times for faith, once at the 20 min mark and one around an hour later and then no more faith gains after continuous praying.
  3. I have a Mag priest which has been giving sermons in a small group. The faith gains and prayers were all working normally until recently. Today I gave three sermons and they all gave abnormal faith gains and the prayers did not reset properly. My second priest was given normal gains and prayer resets ( Fo priest ). As an example here are the gains from my most recent sermon : [17:24:11] <Madmaggie> [17:23:01] You finish this sermon by yet again praising Magranon and ask everyone to pray together with you. [17:23:15] <Madmaggie> [17:23:01] Faith increased by 0.2134 to 51.9099 I would then pray immediately afterwards and no gain, but 20 minutes later could pray for faith again. [17:45:50] Faith increased by 0.1849 to 52.0948 I would keep praying consistently every few minutes for the next 3 hours and received one more faith gain an hour later: [18:40:57] Faith increased by 0.1836 to 52.2784 but no more after that even though I continued praying every few minutes. It was like that for all three sermons I did today. It seems like the faith gain for the sermon and the prayer reset isn't working as intended for this priest.