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  1. Celebration Map

    Please add Gnurr Kett at X5 Y19 (the island). Thanks.
  2. I noticed some improvement, but after travelling I still got lag and stuttering once anyone appeared in local.
  3. After travelling for a while (around 30 minutes?), as soon as I see somebody in local, I get severe lag. It happens with only one person in local but is worse if there are more people. Indicate the number of clients you are running as well: only 1 and the memory usage reported in Task Manager: didn't check this, sorry Java Version: Version 8 Update 73 Operating System and Version: Windows 10 Home 64-bit CPU: Intel Core i7-4790 3.60 GHz System RAM: 8.00 GB Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Graphics card memory: 8162 MB (total), 4096 MB GDDR 5 (dedicated) Current driver version: 361.75 Dump of Wurm options: Indicate if you are using a modified shortcut that changes things such as heap space: No Wurm client you are using and the version in the title bar: Stable client; 3.99v If you need more information, please let me know.
  4. nahjo priest needed

    I thought we had a deal, Renset! Anyway, I'm now at 39 faith, so can you wait a couple of days?
  5. I've got Friday on my mind

  6. Thank you for making me a priest - and for the friendly reception.
  7. The days that get away / are on my mind

  8. I have a small rope bridge with a gate at one end. The gate opens normally if I am not on the bridge - i.e. if I am going towards the bridge. When I am on the bridge, the gate doesn't open. After a lot of jiggling from side to side and back and forth, I can sometimes get it to open. When I first built the bridge, it opened easily from either side. The gate is on the right.
  9. Thank you, Renset, for converting me!
  10. Is there anyone, preferably in the southwest, who could priest me up? I'm based in n13. EDIT: I think I need to convert to Nahjo as a follower first then rebuild my faith from scratch, so I guess there will be two stages.
  11. A Fo Oddessey

    Thank you for all the casts. A pleasure dealing with you!
  12. Selling 12 sleeping powders for 12 silver. I can deliver in the region around square n13 or at any Xanadu starter town.
  13. Mailbox Requests.

    Looking for a 70+ cast at Rust in square n13: (It may look remote, but there is a straight path north from the marked road.)
  14. [08:18:40] You check for clearance between the bridge ends. [08:18:45] Some terrain is in the way! [08:18:45] You notice that there is not enough clearance for a bridge to be built here. The tile borders along one side of my planned bridge were at the same height as the tiles at the two ends. I lowered all the tile borders 8 dirts and got the same warning. I dug them down another 8 and did not get the warning again.