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  1. OMG what is this patch?! So many good things!!! LOL wow that was a bug? I guess someone's bitching about slow harvest-times really paid off
  2. Supreme Medium Wooden Shield, Oakenwood. 60QL. no enchants. - 20s
  3. a popup menu would be good. +1 But what would be even better? a keybind for it, like the vehicles have. I guess the default action key would take care for that, but a bindable action would help those of us who don't use default action key.
  4. I kinda like it. I'd bet many PvE players would be willing to pay for a player to craft them a skin, rather than a very high ql tool/weapon/armor, as those have very little impact on PvE gameplay. But cosmetics? Hell yeah!
  5. I was thinking about building a tower for the journal, and in the process I scouted all the towers near my deed/area: Towers: 814, 1114 857, 1176 915, 1158 973, 1153 865, 1064 814, 1064 697, 1190 Tar: 825, 1170
  6. Could you add my deed? - Grasstown Respite [773, 1185]
  7. We all know keybindings are a lifesaver in Wurm. When I started to use the entire keyboard in Wurm, I realized I can use the special characters as binds for stuff. Unfortunately back then we didn't have the press-and-hold keybind method we have today so I needed to learn what names those characters went by. So I made a reference picture to use when binding those keys. Just recently there was a change to the keybindings which shuffled the keynames around (apparently based on Swerty keyboard). Here's the updated version for finnish keyboards if anyone could find it useful.
  8. Oh my god! You are amazing person and deserve the whole internets! Thank you! EDIT: Works wonderfully, this was the exact thing I ever wanted in Wurm. Thanks again!
  9. Is it possible to mod additional key bindings (to use with console command "bind 1 <keybind>") to Wurm Unlimited? There are several missing keybinds from the base game, like Taunt, Archery Shoots, Riding a horse (there is EMBARK_COMMANDER but only works with carts and ships). Also keybinds for special moves don't work properly, DESTROY_FENCE doesn't work, etc. It would be awesome if those can be modded in without waiting for Devs to do it, if they do it. Moved from Unlimited Questions and Confusions
  10. I accepted that archery should not probably be easy, but that was before they added keybindings to spells. I feel if spellcasting have to be streamlined for better and easier gameplay (hence keybindings), why archery should be left out in that case? It's not bringing too much unfairness to PvP because you can already target a player to have him on your select box and can always right-click that to shoot whatever and whenever. Keybinding the shooting action would only make using bows in PvE more fun. And I do use bows in PvE, thank you very much! Also, I noticed Bash wasn't a keybind either! gonna add that to the original post
  11. After 8 months of absence from Wurm, I finally came back. Read up on the "2015 review of Wurm updates" that spells got their own keybindings. Well I'm huge on archery in Wurm. Like, that's my thing. From the beginning. And it still apparently doesn't have keybindings. "Shoot" is thankfully a button in the Select box when you target a mob, but every other shot isn't, like the wonderfully convenient Shoot Quickly. Or something you use in PvP, "Aim at Head". I can't see any reason, if spells are considered something to be cast easily, why archery wouldn't be. I also realized when I tamed a horse and forgot to "untame" it, of course it got attacked. After many times of taunting I checked, no keybind for taunt. edit: I realized that even Bash (Destroy) doesn't have a keybind. edit2: There actually is DESTROY_FENCE and DESTROY_WALL that register as a keybind, but at least the DESTROY_FENCE doesn't work properly. edit3: Haven't found a keybind for Riding a horse either, so adding that to the list TL;DR Please add these keybindings to the game, there is no reason not to: "SHOOT", "SHOOT_QUICKLY", "SHOOT_AT_TORSO", "SHOOT_AT_LEFT_ARM", "SHOOT_AT_RIGHT_ARM", "SHOOT_AT_HEAD", "TAUNT", "RIDE"
  12. The idea of getting at least some chance at defending your deed is needed. +1