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  1. Preface: This is a recreation of this thread, from June. There've been a number of changes, including a new map and new host. Due to this, and the age of the previous thread's last reply, a repost with updated information was required. As one of the three GMs of The Second Age, I have permission to repost this on behalf of the server. The Second Age is a time of plenty, but only the strong will be able to make their fortune in these hostile lands. Do you have what it takes to carve your name in the annals of history, or will your legacy be lost to the sands of time? 3x Exp and Action. 80k mobs, 70% hostile. 4k Map. Four hours between crop ticks. | Mod List | Discord Channel | Live Map | Rules | We have recently changed our host (2nd of September, 2017) which has gotten rid of our dreaded polling lag, making your experience on The Second Age much more enjoyable and smooth. We are still exactly the same as we were, though; just a brand new map, a new host, and a few new mods. The spawn area is editable by anyone, so it's a great place to skill up in safety, although at the moment there's not much there. Abandon it straight away, or stick around to help it grow. The choice is yours! You start with 23 in all characteristics except mind logic and body control, which are 21, and level 1 in all skills. Your starting kit is comprised of two ropes, a steel and flint, a pottery bowl, a compass, a waterskin and a tent, as well as a hatchet, carving knife, shovel, saw, pickaxe, rake, mallet, pendulum and a pelt, all of which are 30ql. You also receive a set of 30ql leather armor, a 30ql longsword, and a 30ql shield to help you get started. Deeds cost nothing to found, but they do have upkeep. Don't worry though, there's plenty of ways to make money. You can kill creatures for bounties deposited directly to your bank account, or build infrastructure such as roads, bridges, or guard towers and be paid for that, too. There's also the option to simply train your skills, and be awarded a varying (None, to a few silver.) amount of coins during a random moment of inspiration. We have a selection of mods designed to add quality of life (and some fun mechanics) to the vanilla game we all know and love. Our selections were designed on what changes Wurm needed to make the grind better, not easier. We've included some community favorites such as removing priest restrictions, bounties on mobs, improved digging, some changes to meditation that have made it much more accessible, and increased capacity of crates and bulk/food storage bins! That's just a teaser though; for our full, extensive mod list, click here! Our map is a beautiful 4k stretch of mixed forests, plains, gently sloping hills, lakes, rivers, and beaches. The whole world is open for you to make it yours! It's also fantastic for hunting! See our world map, updated daily, by clicking here! And I know the map looks flat - it's deceptive. There are plenty of areas with a 1.7k+ height, it's just a very gentle slope. Here's a few pictures provided by one of our players to show how hilly we can be. Our wonderful, spacious map wouldn't be complete without a high mob count. You can find up to 80k mobs on our map, and of those 80k, 70% are hostile, so you will never run out of scorpions to fight! This means survival will be a grueling task, for those willing to give us a try. It's intended to be challenging, so don't be surprised if you die a few times prior to settling down. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to comment here, pop into our Discord and toss it into the community, sign into our forums and make a post there, or join the server itself and ask there! The server has three GMs, Zaros, Shadowlarax, and Flannery (me), who are happy to assist you. There's only one catch to all of this - our playerbase is small. We are currently stuck within the catch-22 of all new game servers, where one needs players to retain players. If a server isn't active enough, then players tend to leave to a more active one with more players. So, here's hoping enough people will give us a chance. As a last note, if you find any 'Fantastic' rarity items you can poke one of the GMs, and they'll allow you to exchange it in return for a random permanent affinity. On top of this, you'll also get a 'refresh' that will fill your food, water, nutrition and favour bars to full. Happy Wurming! For the curious sort, our dedicated server specifications are: • CPU: i7-7700k @5.0Ghz • RAM: 32GB DDR4 @2667MHz • SSD: 256GB NVMe • Backup: 5TB HDD @7200RPM • 230Mb/s bandwidth This is privately dedicated in its entirety to the server as a whole; we aren't on a random blade server somewhere, sharing CPU cores with hundreds of others. The host machine is located on the West Coast of the USA.
  2. Oh my god, thank you so much! You don't realise how many hours I've spent spawning in dirt lol. You're a bloody life saver. Thank you haha!
  3. Edit: Thanks to Jerone, I realised my ignorance. I sincerely hope that no one else has to go through what I did, not knowing about auxdata.
  4. What Governor said, is about the gist of what I was told by one of the owners. Whilst we could set a custom recipe to use a shaft, it would still require further modification. We don't know how to go about doing that. Would either of you be able to tell us how?
  5. [RELEASED] Live Map

    Ah... oh well. Thank you for explaining that, though. We play on a 4k map, and it's rather easy to get lost; endless unidentifiable green, or endless unidentifiable ocean lol. Even with the browser map, and your minimap, it can be difficult to find one's way.
  6. Is there any possibility of someone creating a server mod to allow Spit Roasts to be created with a shaft? Currently, the only way to make one is by foraging for a branch, and using that branch to create it. A few players that I've talked to, as well as the two server owners, found it odd that we can't make one with a shaft. So, I'm posting here in the hopes that maybe someone could create something to do this. I don't know if it's simple, but I'm hoping it is lol.
  7. [RELEASED] Live Map

    @agoIs there any possibility that you could add an option for a higher resolution than 256? Myself, and a few friends who play the same Unlimited server would really appreciate it.