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  1. want to sell the charater Dax! its a good beginners account. some decent skills to. was mainly used for leather working and that is at 83 skill things that go with it. knarr rare toolbelt fantastic knapsack, tools ranges from 50 -70ql year prem times 35s in the bank rare backpack "Dax": [16:15:51] You have premium time until 5 Jan 2019 21:15:51 GMT "Dax": [16:15:51] You have played 77 days, 13 hours and 12 minutes. Dax": [16:15:51] You have been premium a total of 49 months since Dec 2013. his skills are here! Looking for best offers thanks! =)
  2. Im having the same issue and i even uninstalled and installed java agin restated my computer and still nothing!
  3. we all like what we want every once in a while!! xD...+1 to attenia!
  4. Wow... nice looking tabards! xD wish yll the best in your kingdom!!! =)
  5. you can mail me the rare bucket if not one wants it brandylouwho and a banner
  6. if you still have the rare fireplace i would like that pls if possible.. =)
  7. Wish y'll the best!! xD good to hear y'll are active and enjoying yourselves!! Ebo is good people in my book.. continue to have fun xD
  8. sorry to hear that! =) this is why i dont got to hunts anymore just to much drama involved sadly...
  9. hmm i think in between Y13-Y14/X37-X38 .... i have no clue how to read these map cords lol tahts the best i got!! xD
  10. I suppose we can add LouWho on there since its been year since i made it lol .....P25 if its not on there already! ;P Thanks!! xD
  11. been busy but going to try to make it!! xD brandylouwho
  12. I've noticed that you cant name animals on epic but you can on freedom! Why is that?.... I'm mostly an epic player and would really love to be able to name animals as well.... Just doesn't make since to me that it'd one way and not the other! xD
  13. Come on now! I just got sotg sir!! =))