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  1. I have had no issues getting silver sold, this is a shame if people are ripping off or stealing. Bad for business too!
  2. k did it let me try now ty
  3. yeah i have that page up but I don't have wurm in it to be bale to highlight and delete.
  4. had no issues two days ago logging in
  5. #1 , I get redirected to the web once enter is hit
  6. having the same issues, tried doing what you recommended and Im' confused, to be honest.
  7. I have to say it's a shame to see sindusk go. Having spoke with him a few times, he did present a hope for the better and fresh blood behind the scenes is what WURMonline needs. All in all the dev department needs to be REFRESHED. This on ROLF for letting it go a stray for as long as it has. Opinions are opinions though. PEACEout Sindusk!!!!!!!
  8. I have the 70 s in game , Pm me Deadcrow
  9. wanting to buy a single charge of Blood of the Angels
  10. Why is it that i have to be adjacent the tile border to cast fire wall, i have a tile in front of me and I cannot cast. So if this is implemented to stop from trapping enemy players then why have it in game at all. i mean trapping players is a pvp mechanic that is crucial alot of times. Like when a wall is made in front of a mine door and bam your trapped, what about orb shakers? i mean that is a mean way to be trapped. What im really getting at is any wall spells should be full enabled on Chaos or any other pvp server.
  11. im interested in location please, alt name will be Doomslayer