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  1. Will this journal entry addition an update mess up the amounts of journal completions any given player has at the moment?
  2. It does make it easier to do business away from the deed. I have done mining gigs and been gone for 2-3 days but I always make it a thing to find a mailbox though, but I Guess that's me.
  3. Yeah if you are out and about and want to buy a specific item, yeah you should show some etiquette in finding a mailbox or at least explain the length of being able to collect. maybe one day is extreme but people don't sell things to get paid later on.
  4. I'm requesting a change to the timer on how long a COD mailed item can sit for. 13 days is lengthy when selling items to people and expecting them to collect quickly, as if they forgot about the item, when my mailbox delivers in under 10 sec. The time to collect a COD mailed item should be 24 hours or 1 day. As a Seller I do not waste time mailing the item to the buyer just to have the buyer casually take their time to collecting it. I do have mouths to feed. A thought of adjusting the time frame would be greatly appreciated. The action of adjustment would be worth my money, time and effort of playing the game. I am sure that their are others out there who can relate. Thanks for your consideration.
  5. Murmaider

    You guys are great
  6. How much do you want for this helm ? this is Valhalla by the way.
  7. Rift

    Location of the Rift on deli?
  8. BUMP, Very nice touch and makes it easier to know what is being sold. Convenience! Thank you for this.
  9. Looking to do a dealio, Trading TOI for a Tome you may already have gotten. Black, Libram, Green cherry, etc... Message me here or in game. Valhalla. Thanks and Happy Holidays
  10. Message me here or DM Valhalla in game.
  11. WTB Green Cherry. DM me here and in game. Toon is Valhalla.
  12. Knarr

    WTB Knarr, with all the bells and whistles. Dm here or in game. toons name is Valhalla.