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  1. Update: this pattern is holding true for unbranded new hell horse babies as well.
  2. I tried doing my usual routine of branding my hell horse babies and equipping them with saddles today. I noted that using the "Look > Equipment" command gave me a list of single body parts instead of the nested list that I used to get, and when I tried moving the saddle over to the torso (and then legs, and then everywhere), I received the message "You are not trading." and the item was not equipped. This has worked in the past since equipping after branding became possible. Note that this happens with only some of the hell horses born since yesterday, not all of them. Example: Both of these are new babies that I branded a bit ago. One with the old format of equipment was able to be equipped with a saddle; the other, on the left, with the single body parts listed, did not allow me to move the saddle and gave this message: [20:00:48] You are not trading. Thanks! Heliotrope / Evenstar - Sojourn, Xanadu
  3. Close pls.

    I appreciate the quick service - both items received. Thank you!
  4. Close pls.

    Hi there please go ahead and CoD me the following: Pickaxe, iron, QL 19,3, 92 Coc - 2s Hatchet, iron, QL 12,83, 91 Coc - 2s Please send to Heliotrope (Xanadu) Thank you very much!
  5. Thank you bunches for hosting/ organizing! Nice to finally get my title too
  6. The Little Demon

    Thank you for organizing, and for keeping it public. Very appreciated!
  7. Thank you and congratulations to winner Drused; item has been posted and received.
  8. i wasnt able to get on forums to bid on small anvil before it ended if you still have it will offer 30s

    1. Hel


      Thank you for the offer, sir - however, Drused won this acution and the exchange has been made.  I appreciate the interest!

  9. Looking for that perfect gift for the lock favor grinder on your list? Look no further... [15:12:03] A small but heavy metal anvil. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. [15:12:03] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Heliot.ope'. Starting Bid: 25s Bid Increments: 1s Reserve: None Buyout: 60s Snipe Protection: 1 Hour Item will be sent COD from Xanadu Thank you folks - Happy Bidding!
  10. Not sure what needs doing and no one I've asked has info so please let me know when and what I can do to assist via pm if you make it on tonight.
  11. Lol.. and thanks, Crawford, for the pro photograpy. Project is going great! It will be a pleasure to sail this. Thanks to Q & melty strongwally folks & all of my fellow moles for the awesome work! I'll be back for more tonight as I am a glutton for such delight. Cheers
  12. Hi there! My last ordered has treated me so very well that it's time for another... Rare Iron Pickaxe 91QL Botd 94 - 15s Please CoD to Heliotrope (Xanadu)if it is still available. Thank you kindly!
  13. Huge axe ql 88 Nim 81 LT 79 Coc 79 MS 45 3s If still available, please CoD to Heliotrope (Xanadu) and thank you kindly
  14. Thank you to the organizers and hosts for making the event accessible and entertaining, and to fellow attendees It was a great first experience for us!
  15. Please add us to the fighter roster: Neville Mordeith Heliotrope Thanks!