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  1. grooming brush 1ql 65CoC 6s25c COD to borinvyn please!
  2. 60QL / 46C - Oaken Wood Fruit Press: 3s Please COD to Borinvyn (assuming it can be mailed). Thanks!
  3. 1212, 852 Chestnut Refuge
  4. The wurm online shop 10 silver purchase option, viewed from in game having launched through steam, has a discrepancy between the actual price, and the listed Approx.€ per silver cost. The price is 12.99€, but it listed this as approx. 1.1 € per silver. This price is actually approximately 1.3 € per silver. Selection of screen capture provided in the link below.
  5. I've bought from Noizhead in the past, service was very quick and pleasant!
  6. I will buyout for 20s. Please CoD to borindak. Thanks!