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  1. Woo, I am glad I could help! @Jonydowy
  2. (Also posted in the DNS Quick Fix thread): For the less tech savy, I made this video when I fixed the problem for myself. It's nothing dangerous, no worries. Just remember to remove the line written after the issue has been fixed:
  3. For the less tech savy, I made this video when I fixed the problem for myself. It's nothing dangerous, no worries. Just remember to remove the line written after the issue has been fixed:
  4. I am afraid that the only things I can add sounds to are things that gives an event message. "Addon" might've been a poor choice of wording, but this is actually entirely meant for WO. As Warlander says, Wurm Assistant works just like that and is the main inspiration for this.
  5. I have been messing around in C# recently, creating a program that reads from the log files in order to play sounds that currently are not implemented in the game. E.g "[16:05:07] The water splashes as the fish fights in the water." resulting in a water splash sound, or "[15:42:18] You find woad!" resulting in a grass rustle sound. I have been messing around with trying to get drop / pick-up sounds for specific items to work, but that would be quite a challenging task so I will probably avoid it unless I see some interest in this. Will probably be posting a video showing it "in action" this week. If you think this sounds interesting, a way you could help massively is to name as many soundless event messages as possible. I will not post the files yet since it is currently very rough, poorly made and totally experimental. However if anyone want to have the source code, just send me a PM. Tell me what you think.
  6. If it's not that much of a problem that you don't fix the problem when given the tools to do so, then it's probably not so much of a problem that the devs have to spend time fixing it. At least that is my opinion on it.
  7. QL 79 Huge Axe Ms90 LT72 C72 N71 (3.8s) QL 89 File c66 (75c) QL 86 Carving Knife c64 w62 (130c) QL 95 Whetstone c72 (55c) QL 92 Mallet, Oak c59 w39 (1.2s) Send it all to "HaraldOst" Also thanks to Tallion who linked me this page.
  8. QL 78.07 fruit press, oakenwood (c71) - 70c QL 88.51 rope tool, pinewood (C 69) - 50c QL 49.49 grindstone (C 66) - 50c 1s 70c - Mail to HaraldOst (I am not sure if the grindstone can be mailed, if it can't just skip it)
  9. Am I the only one agreeing with the devs / mods on this? I immediately googled for a list of all recipes and was sort of happy not to find one. More game to play, more things to be explored. Honestly, I can't really understand why people are so upset that you can't share that kind of stuff on the forums or ingame. But that is just my opinion. After all, lets just respect the mods decision on this.
  10. I live in mid-northern Sweden, and I can't really support that claim. Only time I've seen people wear goggles outdoors during winter is when slalom skiing, and that is to protect the eyes from snow getting in them. Another thing is that just because the suns UV light is reflected in snow, it doesn't mean monitors showing Wurm snow will blast your eyes with UV. That being said, there's a great program called flux you can download for free which allows you to lower the amount of blue light displayed by your monitor, depending on the time of day. On my laptop I have this enabled 24/7. I would reccommend something like this if you feel like Wurm winters are making your eyes sore.
  11. "Pickaxe, Iron - 85.02ql - 87 Wind of Ages - 1.07s" I'll take this - Mail to "haraldost" please!