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  1. THIS 

    knowing that one day that


    will chase me after me when I head for the white light on chaos fills me with


    is awesome :P lol


  2. I have restarted my pc many times and today I was faced with the same problem but this time it was at 29% However I found one solution I could take although it requires tampering with the files. To fix my own issue I have to go into the Wurm folder and delete graphic pack and then open up Wurm and hit ''retry pack update'' and then it begins to download Wurm from scratch again. A another way would be getting the Wurm graphic from the other pc and upload to this pc, although that requires work.
  3. A skill tree huh? You would best look at Path Of Exile's skill tree... now that is freedom to choose what you want. edit: why did this double post? I was editing my other message. <-<
  4. skill increase? mean skill gain!
  5. it's a very nice update and all but uh... the client patcher broke again.. > insert a sad face.
  6. Disgusted over how I can't even update... I recently got a new version of java, made sure everything was fine. Found out there was a update today... it refuses to update. It's just stuck at 0% and when i go into ''pack update'' this nasty message comes. That was the first try without Experimental and with Experimental set on, nothing changed. So .... what can I do? Clueless to be honest. Hoping for some kinda fix for or some kinda other way to update.
  7. Hard to make a good comment on this post... Maybe you guys could make some plate skirt types inset of making all the Armour genderless. Also maybe you guys would make a slight increase to DMG on weapons made with steel... Seeing steel is better than iron!
  8. Rest in peace. I really hate it when death takes my friends one by one away from.... it's really unfair... But... death comes for us.... all in the end... Rest in peace Davidbur
  9. knowing that one day that Nadroj will chase me after me when I head for the white light on chaos fills me with determination
  10. Just got it myself and I am reporting in game to a GM!
  11. This is just silly... the guy is digging his own grave. I don't care if people say he is nice and all. But making everyone in minus and scamming them is something a scammer/troll would do. I bet he is sitting there in his chair right now laughing so hard that he lost one of his lungs.I really hope that paypal fixes up in this case and maybe he gets taken to court for his actions. Only thing I see fitting for this guy now is a mental hospital or jail. No one deserves to be put in minus by a guy who find the enjoyment in scamming others.
  12. So I was building a stone house and I decided to play around with my cart since it was on the first floor I decided to ride it... to my surprise I could move my cart around on the 2nd level and when I decided to see what happen if I unhitched the horses and then suddenly my horses was up on the 2nd level with me. That is really weird and could be exploited in so many ways. But the issue to fix this is.. to drag a cart to the first level, climb up to the 2nd level and hitch the horses on it... climb down and ride the cart and your horses should be down again. We all know it isn't allowed to get your horses up to the 2nd floor by any means other than to do this bug. Do you guys consider this a bug?
  13. Maaaaan so this what sea world looks like on wurm. A bit ... empty.