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  1. If u are on pvp sever not many talk in the global chat cus they all focus on alliance chat and discord instead
  2. Yes delay a couple of days would be nice
  3. Probably a pvper that wanted a taste of the freedom tree pvp xD
  4. Ros has been cast

    when will it be casted?
  5. Make a change 2500 enchanted items maybe to low make it 5k and it's okey or use 1million favor
  6. give me a price a cod it to you
  7. i play on both servers and i realy dont like when it feels usless what i do on epic cus its freedom that counts. so yea +1
  8. Its not a exploit if you know the risk. Just dont fight at deeds then.
  9. Leave the loot system as it is. I only played on epic and i realy like it. It means the winner takes it all. I would hate to care about loot before the fights is over.
  10. Its like buying the spidermansuit with training wheels protocol. You cant use any of the fancy stuff xD
  11. pm me some dumps if u wanna sell. paypal only
  12. I realy like everything tbh but to come back to the game it must be some skill changes. Reset is the only way or it will be the same thing over and over agin.
  13. what path? ups mybad (bump)