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  1. hey guys i.. wait let me restart my computer for lag prevention. be back in 15m ..the root cause is im lagging. lag ping to server. not great 30 ms or 150ms even. 10000ms
  2. its been doing this for 3-4 days..
  3. allow special ability to citizen
  4. any one saying their fixing it? i cant sit there and guess when my character will refresh so i can do an action.
  5. can you even knock down rock mine doors
  6. they don't even catch up with you now. aggro what? i thought the game was survival
  7. Extended downtime

    tell the fix so everyone else with the same computer can fix theirs, also. hah
  8. Extended downtime

    i just.. started, and after 3 hours of mining straight, found out about the sleep thing. used an hour of my 5 hours saved up before, it shut down for a restart.
  9. i crafted one that stayed, hot, not cooled down, like how a lit lantern turns hot after a while like its in a forge. and it layed on the ground forever. and stayed hot long time later. but not a lantern, an iron torch
  10. Mob count on Xana

    they need to work on the monster speed problem they crawl around now and arent even a challenge. whats to worry about when you can outrun them almost dragging a cart.
  11. whats the survivability of the game? eating and drinking water? i guess as long as you dont give a crap about it. only has been in the game for over 10 years, easy to just destroy the whole concept then fix your bugs that people complain about. when tehy make changes and fixes in teh gmae tehy dont even put themselves in it. they use you guys, who have no opinions to claim as excuses to make awful stuff. well im done no reason to click a button to pretend be hungry and drink, and not only pretend but pretend pretend cause i dont need to eat and drink to survive. and hiding in some shroud on the pvp server? yea whatever.
  12. JukimoV2 Posted Today, 03:43 AM Hashirama, on 21 Feb 2015 - 07:38 AM, said: play on chaos, where every living soul is a monster, and the game gets interesting where you struggle to survive in the shroud and slay the monsters. True story, if you are tired of killing mobs. and what divide and conquer? live in the shroud, you added? what are you talking about? survive? go huddle together you guys on pvp and hug. if monsters come just huddle over a few steps and they;ll look the other way. then the hug huddle can continue.
  13. quit false advertising. you guys wrote the word sandbox is abused by pr and this game uses pr cause you dont give us nothing. i cant use the sand to make anything. i cant play in the sand. thats the most abused word ever. and actaully respond to the topic insteaqd of just giving me your whatever makes you feel good stuff. what is this fake pretend people do whatever you think? something that noone thinks and noone does so yu can continue to abuse sandbox and the use of the internet to get all that money y0u guys think you deserve? there is no sandbox as i cant use the sand for jack in this game. the actual sand. you always want it to be noone can know what anthing is. the concept of sand. the item sand. not a concept of a sand. the sand in this game in THIs game. you cant, sandbox, with it. so hence your advertismenet that this game doesnt abuse sandbox the word with their pr department is a lie. and is abuse. now i can make up the event how this is totally real. but so can anyone at this point its your job to prove me wrong. and quit abusing the word pvp. noone wants to just go pvp. always, DIVIDE and CONQUER. this is trash. thats it plain. why sandbox or the way the word is used by your PR, survive in a world. theres no surviving. and why dont all the pvp players just get together and start to hug instead? why worry about the monsters. or anything. i guess though to YOU guys im just a retard who cant play a game AND OH BOY now you can go about attacking everybody with your new fake attacker. your game is not a game period. now prove me wrong. im not going to pvp against someone for no reason. if its for points great. if its for surviving then that would work. but there is no reason to survivie in this game which is proven by your alls feable attempts at this time and scratching around trying to look for a reason to get players to play this game. so prove me wrong, or change the gaem back or im gone for good. maybe i can develop aq game. i dont see noone kicking the doors down to have the monsters run speed slowed down. why didnt you do it 9 years ago then? or even 10 whats this game 11 years old? oh wait you had to suck everyone in then destroy their game what time they put in it, and money. right? why not before? becuase it was proven. to work. and there where monsters that where slow before anyway, some. like a 10 percent amount where sometimes as slow as they are now, and youd get lucky when you found those. but now, everyone of them, are, slow. you guys have spent all your time abusing the word sandbox while putting yourself up on a pedastle above the rest of the mmo sandbox games claiming you where sandbox. making it awful for anyone. if its sandbox you create and keep it. but youve destroyed more and more. this is the most abuse to the thing when youve put yourself on a pedastle and wrote you are better than everyone then destroy the sandbox and game play surviving. fun. oh well.