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  1. Thank you everyone for the comments. I appreciate the feeback. The account has been passed to: Roaringdrake Wish you all the best on Fredom. [ Happy xmas]
  2. Giving away: Premium account , deed, and bank, & forum name. Reason: Becoming a challenge only player. Char name: Quistis Deed has roughly 100 days, its 32x 32, char has a stash of high ql items and silver in bank. Deed has lots ore vains few animals ondeed guard tower, and locational buildings, i.e: blacksmiths, inn, farmhouse etc.. 1 x referral to claim on the char waiting for when you take over char. THIS char will be given to a Selected person, from comments. please comment why I should give you this char I know sounds lame but I want the char to go to someone who will respect the time/effort ive put into all Quistis owns.
  3. Totally agree. +1 Sometimes I see carts and people asking if they seen 1 that's gone missing, Pointless having a no theft rule system if people can abuse your carts etc.
  4. Apologies for Delay, had pc issues making me not able to log in and a troll stealing tools which ive had to replace. PromisedOne next time u pop over to Xanader please pm me, able to buy 6 at the moment now due to replacing tools.
  5. Can u cod me the 90ql, 80woa - pickaxe please, 1.5s Thanks (money in bank waiting) (no longer needed - pickaxe brought in-game.)
  6. Thank you superfast delivery, less then 2 mins mailbox delivery. great fast service.
  7. Mallet oak 90ql ,72woa, 92 coc, : Cod me please.
  8. WTB 20 x 80+QL Brass Lamps. And be delivered at Deed. (Xanader T18) Please offer Prices (+Delivery charge) (will place final order with potential order Monday) Much appreciated thanks.
  9. Xanadu Map

    Map Edit: T18 Zenobia Disbanded,& Rockface Rest Disbanded,(both on T18) Ive moved down to where the deed Zenobia was, New town name: Ballinamallard Sorry for short edit snatched opportunity to grab developed area.
  10. Really nice deed, personally id have sold it for the coffers value to ensure you don't get some1 just to resize and disband for the silver. like Silakka says I hope you get a nice neighbour for this gesture.
  11. Xanadu Map

    Yep that's perfect thanks, Greasygrundle.
  12. Xanadu Map

    http://xandu-wurm.rhmcloud.com/#mark/4299/7157/3 Rockface Rest - T18 Between Zenobia and NW mountain Deed Owner - Quistis.
  13. large cart I know has a max slope travel cant travel up maintains etc, but for more detail: sometimes it tilts bad when you hitch an animal so that its facing as if your going down hill but your actually on a flat tile, so when you actually do go down a ramped tile it acts as if the tile is twice its actual slope % having to unhitch then push/pull cart to correct and re-hitch.
  14. Crafting > Creating Wooden Beam from wooden log (hatchet+log) has no sound. Leggat tool still has no display icon/picture making finding it sometimes in big inventory/storage a pain. Timber frame walls are having issues lining up with rooftops correctly. Items> Large carts occasionally tilt when you hitch animals to them then upon going down a steep hill gets stuck. Metal torch, iron> after making 1 of these they no longer cool down in inventory, they cool down when dropped/stored but after picking them back up there cooldown stops again. (unlit obviously) Animals> Chicken's that follow the rooster no longer move/wonder around in a pen there in and only eat seeds you drop on the Exact tile there standing on hence they die fast. These issues have been confirmed with other players to make 100% sure im not the only person having the issues. please fix! thanks!