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  1. 2.3 gold available
  2. No. It will only hurt fledgling crafts And this vote should be decided soley by the players that spend the majority of their time on release/pristine (actively playing)
  3. Premium Grants 20

    This is going to be my go-to casual quote
  4. Premium Grants 20

    *sarcasm* this sounds like a great idea Lets just sell skill packages, increase the price of the skill for 5 euro's per skill level you want!
  5. Wurm Online News Announcement: Our Current Focus

    Make cartography and map making new skills, One records the data to various QL's and the other makes the actual map.
  6. have 1 gold for sale
  7. Lets Get Wurm Online Greenlit!

    110% agree. The game was a fraudulently advertised, bug-ridden exploit/hacked/laggy pay4items game. Steam had nothing to do with it, the company is one that will never see my money.
  8. 1.5 gold available
  9. 100 silvers (1 gold coin) for sale
  10. Money Distribution Improvements

    Hm I think that you are right with this idea, however there should be a limit per day, maybe a silver? (Per IP)