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  1. No. It will only hurt fledgling crafts And this vote should be decided soley by the players that spend the majority of their time on release/pristine (actively playing)
  2. This is going to be my go-to casual quote
  3. *sarcasm* this sounds like a great idea Lets just sell skill packages, increase the price of the skill for 5 euro's per skill level you want!
  4. Make cartography and map making new skills, One records the data to various QL's and the other makes the actual map.
  5. 110% agree. The game was a fraudulently advertised, bug-ridden exploit/hacked/laggy pay4items game. Steam had nothing to do with it, the company is one that will never see my money.
  6. Hm I think that you are right with this idea, however there should be a limit per day, maybe a silver? (Per IP)