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  1. The liquor will do the driving, then we’ll just kick back on booze control - 25s
  2. 33% deed reduction across the board, and everybody can walk away a winner. Do keep in mind, it probably would not be beyond the devs ability to slowly erode that % away over the years. Or even add to it. Now is def. the crunch time. I hope the staff will continue their deliberations and make a proper decision. Don't make a forced decision, make one that is thought out. They always takes a bit longer. Best of luck.
  3. "Randy, I've decided to lay off the food for a bit, and go on the booze." - 17.5s
  4. I've always been a bit of a fan of the RMT system. It allowed me to do things I otherwise never would have been able to. Thank you to Wurm for allowing it all this time. Without RMT, stuff like this would never have happened. For example, years ago a player was inbetween jobs and was a bit strapped for cash. That person being a graphic artist, was able to create this work of art for a few bucks so they could get by until new work was found. The corresponding video of the creation is here, if anyone would like to watch a graphic artist at work. It's pretty good. She said how much trubil it was to recreate the horse, which can be seen during a scrub of it. Video of the Weaponsmith Another time a couple in the alliance, with a special needs child, were looking to get a bit of extra coin to help them out there. The alliance, and many other Wurm players put up goods to be auctioned off. Afterwards, a cut of the proceeds was given to the couple in silvers, later changed to RMT. Anyway, I wanted to say thanks for allowing people the opportunity to do helpful like this as well, I shall miss it a little bit.
  5. No wait, I remember how huge of an AC/DC fan you are. "For Those About to Rake" - Fire !
  6. I've put two diagonal cut roads in, at the first two block turns going east from Pings Folley. Take a look and see if ok. If so the new diagonals could use a bit of touching up again as we make our way. Maybe, lots of the old paved tiles from past deeds along the way, could be torn up and let to grow over?
  7. I'll hop on the back of Neenee's wagon when she's not looking.
  8. Wanted to add my history/story with Traders. Done a few, it bought me some really good coffee, and maple sugar candies every now and then. I can live without those luxuries fine, they were a nice reward. Currently I have 6 deeds on Indy, all have one Trader and were set up for the sole purpose of draining money that I put back into my current 40s a month upkeep cost (down from prolly 65s at one time including Deli and Xanadu deeds). I only did this Trader thing when I was actively playing. This new Trader process will automate that for me, I thank you. I never had "milking deeds". Every deed has it's purpose. Housing, Farm, Animal Breeding, Mine/Market, Special Event, and my old original Xanadu deed which is used as hunting and housing for waywards. My upkeep used to be a lot more, but as cut backs to Trader payouts came, I cut back on deed sizes. It's now gotten to the point that I've cut back most of those 6 deeds, to the size of "trader milking", ironically. Your own Trader cut backs have made me turn my useful non milking sized deeds, into milking sized deeds. Action, reaction. If I had a say. I'd want a 50% deed upkeep reduction for deeds with a Trader. After negotiations, I'd likely settle for a 30% upkeep discount. Thank you Odynn for making this topic.
  9. Neb was a little hefty back then, the shipping costs would have been enormous. :D
  10. Neb and Gumbo After a few recent enquiries into some past events and history, a very old and rare tale of my youth was recollected. This is the story of two great pals, Neb and Gumbo, and their wondrous journey... Years ago, in the time of only 4 Gods, one day Neb and myself were magically whisked away to a beautiful place of Worship. The original Gods were in all in attendance at this magnificent holy site. The intimidating Magranon, Fo, Vynora, and even Libila mesmerized us with her presence. The four Gods gathering together was no mistake, they were there for a meeting and they had all come to the same agreement. The uprising of the Demi-Gods needed to be shut down immediately. The four Gods were wise and aware of the impending Doooom!!** that these Demi-Gods would create. So they gave upon Neb and myself a dangerous task... Take this, the one golden ring to the fires of Magincia. It is the source of the Demi-Gods power. Find the destruction vestibule atop the marble spire, then drop the ring into it. This will destroy the ring, forever putting an end to the Demi-Gods evil rampage, before it gets out of control. A moment later, my eyes opened, Neb was there, we were in a forest on a path. To the north I spied the Dragon Fang. Magincia Islands' last know whereabouts was floating to the east somewhere in the Bearshark Bay. Darkness was beginning to settle in, we decided to make camp where we were, then head out come the morn. Neb, did not surprise with his latest rare campfire, we chuckled about how his Doctorate in Alchemy was really paying off once again. After which, we arm wrestled and the loser would have to clean up the hazardous rare ash that would otherwise poison the area. A few moments later, I took out the ring handed to me by Magranon himself, to examine it a little closer by the rare firelight. One could feel the strength and power of the ring, it warmed more and more knowingly absorbing the heat of the flame. As I peered upon the inside of the band, some lettering started to appear in a scarlet colour. My heart began to race, eyes widened, here, here is a message, maybe some hidden piece of wisdom not seen in countless ages. The words all came to a blazing light, I could read it now... "A E R ... Aeris.. it's here, all of it ... "Aeris has a Supreme Posterior". Truly the Gods are incredible and we slept peacefully dreaming of their wise words, in our pitched tents. *cough* The sun awoke us early in the morning. Our journey east had brought us to the coast, with Magincia approximately a 42km swim away. Lucky for Neb and me that as young'ins, we were able to hold our breath forever and swim countless distances without ever having to take another. Five hours and a record breaking 684 shark attacks nipping at us later, we made land, without damage. Not too far off, we could see the billow of smoke rising from the lava pit. We headed down a road that oddly seemed familiar. The hills there, that open rock face terrain, I know this place, this is where I grew up. Look down that road... my first home was there... and yours over there... the lava pit! This is Southport! I ran towards the lava, up the side, right to the top of the edge. We were home... This is the lava pit we subverted then contained, right before it laid waste to that village over there. It's been decades since any maintenance has been done to control the flow of this lava. Over to the side, where we changed the course of the lava those many years ago, the land there, it's now been melted away to uncovered the ancient marble holy site. This must be the place the Gods instructed us to find. Neb finally managed to climb up to where I was, but had to pound back our last two jars of wine to do so. I'm pretty sure he was fibbing about being out of stamina tho. As he crested the peak, he saw the marble holy site and the receptacle that was placed majestically atop by the Gods. It was somehow perfectly balanced on the very tip of the spire. That was our goal. A rare BSB glowing brighter than daylight, it shone and sparkled like nothing I'd ever seen before. I looked close upon the BSB, it had a message embossed on the side. "Deposit Rings Here". I reached into my pocket, taking out the golden ring given me. With the ring in one hand, I quickly touched the brilliant BSB with my other hand to make sure it was safe. A tingle of goodness ran up my spine, so I lifted the lid of the destruction BSB, held the ring above the opening, then paused. An overwhelming feeling had taken grasp. Is it right for me to drop this golden ring into the BSB and put an end to the Demi-God way of life? It was a huge responsibility, I realize that now. But I must, must drop the ring into the rare BSB and put an end to this, as the Gods have instructed. It's the right and only thing to do. I slowly release the pressure of my grasp, the ring dropping towards the opening... But wait, somehow it's stopped, it didn't go in, something seems wrong, it's not going in. Look, the message on the side has now changed, it reads, "The Ring Would be Destroyed". So again I tried to drop it in, the same message, "The Ring Would be Destroyed". Great, great.. that's just what we want, destroy away! But nothing happened. The ring is simply refusing to go into this large, empty destruction receptacle set up by the Gods. I don't understand it. That's when Neb piped up and suggested using my other hand to drop the ring. When that didn't work, he suggest spinning around 3 times anti-clockwise first, then dropping it. Hmmm... Maybe if we pushed this BSB over onto that spot over there it would work? No... Well how about you dig down that side of this sacred ancient heritage alter, and I'll use the dirt to raise up this side of it. Then the ring should slide right in, if we get the correct slope. Neb, please keep quiet with the suggestions, I don't feel like having my heart ripped out today. It's probably just something simple that we're overlooking, let me think about this for a minute. *Neb pokes out a small knothole on the rare BSB with the butt of his sword, then looks at Gumbo attempting to entice him to try to drop the ring through the knothole* - *Gumbo tries, then frowns*. Well Neb, We're in the right place, have the correct instructions, doing exactly what we were supposed to do, but it's just not working. Do me a favour, tell the Gods what occurred and let them know they'll have to find another way to stop those pesky Demi-Gods. See ya around Neb o/ *Gumbo puts on golden ring* /Gumbo vanishes **this adword sponsored by Darwin
  11. Hiya LL and Zorana, Congrrats on the wedding. Wonderful news to hear. All the best in the coming years. Sorry to hear about the deed. It's an amazing place. Good luck with the sale.
  12. For Mr. Neil Peart who passed away at 67. RUSH - A Farewell to Kings - Live 1977
  13. Tournaments

    Here was our event a few years back. May be some things you're after. Good luck to you.
  14. I pray you don't count this as your first Wurm death, on the character. It would be a shame. It's great to see you're still at it. All the best to ya.
  15. You can thank me for the free sleep bonus later
  16. Indy is down it would seem. Not sure of the other servers. Indy only - retrograde
  17. is on the way.. sorry real life took over. Bump, for back playing
  18. Is it legal?

    The work around
  19. bump for price adjustment