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  1. Improved Fishing System

    yeah and could you imagine not needing to store fish if you had a fish farm out your front door? although i think they would have to program it so that fish don't magically traverse ground through the water table.
  2. More freedom in building

    i would say a crane or pulley system would be nice but otherwise i don't think it would be a great idea to break the current system to implement such capabilities. like maybe make it so you can build a crane into a wall or some sort of stationary crane though i don't know how you'd make it function. of course based on the tile systems that currently exist height isn't exactly the most important or malleable element in existence. even though i hate falling off large cliffs.
  3. I had an idea while fishing and though its not complete or too in depth i thought it would be nice to make the suggestion. It would be nice if fishing was a little more complex. for example while fishing it would be neat to catch and release, though that serves no survival purpose besides getting a higher fishing skill i thought that another system could be implemented in order for it to be worth while. The other system was that there would be schools of fish and each school would contain X number of fish. over time each different fish would grow and become higher Ql or higher weight. and in combination with the catch and release system if you were to release a low Ql fish it could have the chance to recover and increase in ql and or weight. Also fish breeding or letting nature take its course could allow for a higher number of fish in the pool. And there is a third part to this fishing idea that wasn't mine but was really just something a village member thought would be nice. That would be that you could make a fish farm and be able to raise fish to eat or fish up. which i thought could become possible if you implemented the first 2 parts of the overall idea. suggestions or thoughts? I would love to see such a system implemented even if its in the distant future.