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  1. please send a kit to Jesslynn
  2. sure thing, i should be around. send me a pm in-game on Jesslynn or Garrien. or post here and it should alert me
  3. @Ratheden how does this sound? applesauce bacon stuffed mushroom baked apple baked chocolate cheesecake baked lemon cheesecake berry pie black forest gateau cheese and onion stuffed mushroom cheese and tomato swirls chocolate cake chocolate icing chocolate toffee trifle
  4. if anyone knows who owns this toon can you please direct them here Jessicami: you forgot to change the email tied to the account, so when i password rest an old account, yours got reset too. please make sure you change it asap.
  5. Contact info you can PM here on the forums, post in this thread, or PM me in game on Jesslynn or Garrien Enchanted items (Items we no longer use, or have no use for, we do not have a casting priest) 83ql Rare small axe Life transfer 81 7s 90ql rare horse shoe 83 woa 6s 70ql rare horse shoe 26 woa 3s 66ql Longsword 82 nim 42coc 49 MS 1s 78ql Axe. Iron Life transfer 95 4s 81ql small axe 81 Life transfer 2s 57ql Pickaxe, iron c 77 w50 60c 34ql large iron shield 86 coc 86c 41ql large iron shield 76 coc 40c 39ql large iron shield 79 coc 40c 39ql large iron shield 70 coc 40c 84ql leggat Oak 81 coc 81c 68ql rake 71 coc 40c 69ql horse shoe 101 woa 5s 64ql horse shoe 100 woa 4s 67ql horse shoe 100 woa 4s 69ql horse shoe 91 woa 2s 68ql horse shoe 86 woa 80c 68ql horse shoe 84 woa 80c 67ql horse shoe 83 woa 80c 63ql horse shoe 82 woa 80c 68ql horse shoe 80 woa 80c 69ql horse shoe 80 woa 80c 67ql horse shoe 79 woa 60c 64ql horse shoe 78 woa 60c 70ql horse shoe 76 woa 60c 69ql horse shoe 68 woa 50c Farm goods Milk 20c per sealed small barrel. open to large bulk orders (may take several days to fill) stock 83 cows 48 sheep Leatherworking Items Toolbelts 50ql - 20c 60ql - 30c 70ql - 40c 80ql - 60c Saddles ql50 - 15c ql60 - 20c ql70 - 40c ql80 - 60c Studded leather sets ql60 - 70c ql70 - 1s ql80 - 1s 40c Carpentry imps (Closed atm) Carpentry 70ql -10c 80ql - 40c 90ql - 80c Fine carpentry 70ql - 10c 80ql - 40c Cooking Recipies 10c each or trade for ones I do not have
  6. butchering knife, 3 ql, 91 coc, 2.5 s cheese drill, oakenwood, 31 ql, 96 coc, 3 s fruit press, oakenwood, 94 coc, 3 s COD to garrien please