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  1. I will do :3 I'm half way through a 6 day work week plus overtime at the moment so content is a little slow, but I am messing around with a few things. Hopefully have something new in a couple days.
  2. Learned that the hard way when my Human was upstairs; I used a ladder thinking they wouldn't be able to get down. Wroooong.
  3. I've never had a fighting problem. My personal problem is Humans always have free will and eventually wonder off into the Wilderness. Does making them a Citizen of the Deed stop this?
  4. Good advice, thanks for the contribution. How strange, both should be friendly. I'll do a little experimenting on that when i get some free time.
  5. Good idea, I will do this shortly. Thank you. Actually yes, I noticed this once so I think I may know the issue. Try activating something, anything. I noticed that when you first log in, new player or no, you have nothing activated; this seems to cause the 'talk' action to not show. I have no idea why you'd need anything activated to Talk, I guess it's just another Wogic. Anyway, hope that helps.
  6. Hello everyone, I've been playing around with the Mission Ruler a bit this week as I wanted my server to have a little extra content. I've managed to come up with a few things and I'm starting to get a grasp of what it can do. As the Mission Ruler appears to have very little information about it I thought I'd share a couple video tutorials in hopes more people begin to figure out everything this tool can do. I've put everything into a playlist and will continue to add to it as I have more ideas and learn new things. Hope someone finds it useful! Regards, Lord Dan
  7. I have the mod that drops them randomly already. I believe if was Moon Metal Mining or something? I'd happily use the boulders alongside it though as I think anything that makes exploring the world more interesting is a bonus.
  8. Introduction I was playing around in single player using the Ebony Wand. Specifically Specials->Create. I noticed within this list there are two objects entitled "boulder". Upon placing these objects I learned they are Adamantine and Glimmersteel boulders respectively to the list. What I'd like I have never seen these spawn naturally within any world, so I would like to see a mod that will spawn these in naturally around the world (assuming they don't already and I've just never been lucky enough to find them.) From what I can tell they drop a single, random QL (probably based on mine skill?) ore of 5 weight and then the boulder vanishes. Being able to have these randomly spawn around the world in the same way as Spawners and Source Wells would be an interesting addition to the exploration value of our worlds; if of course it's doable. Fair use I have no interest in paying for exclusivity of any mods. If you wish to develop on this idea I'd like to see it publicly for all to use should to choose to release it.
  9. Oh awesome! Rollercoasters!............. Wha... What? That's a bridge? Oh.. Yeah, work on that please
  10. Still for sale - One pending tour. Feel free to PM if you have questions
  11. Still for sale! Thanks topkos, didn't know that.
  12. This deed has now sold to krieger. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Hello everyone! I've moved to the Epic servers and I'm having a hell of a lot more fun so I'm looking to sell my deed. I honestly don't want to just disband it and would love to see it passed down. I've been playing alone and I've done everything in this deed myself so It's hard to throw away that much time and effort. The deed is currently named Lanilor and is in the north east (D21) and resides on the waterfront. The deed is a fairly large plot (61x38) but a lot of this simply covers some of the tree farms and can probably be reduced a lot. Current upkeep is is 5.63 Silver and there is enough in the coffers for another 20 days. The following images backup what I have stated above and prove that I am in fact the Mayor and own all appropriate Writs within borders of the deed. The Village of Lanilor The Village itself has plenty of room for new buildings to be constructed and sits on a man-made shore at the foot of a large hill and mountain. It consists of a lower sector (the habitable area) and an upper sector (farmlands). Here are the current structures for the 6 Writs seen in my inventory above which are A small stable (with animals)A Barracks/WorkshopMy current houseAn unfinished stone houseTwo public material sheds Farmlands Lanilor had a great emphasis on farming and producing decent foods. Primarily meals bulked out with dough. We have many crops growing and a couple pens left waiting for crops. Tree Farms We have Apples, Cherries, Maple, Walnut, Grape, Rose and I've just planted our first Lemon Tree that I recently found. Resources I've forgotten to take images of the Silver and Lead, but I can get them if proof needed. Regardless of that Lanilor has access to all resources you could possibly need including TarMossPeatClaySandWaterIron (Plus an utmost)LeadSilver Additional stuff I built a Guard Tower in the very center of the village making it a safe place to live. There is also a second Guard Tower up past the Farm just beyond the peat where there are even more off deed rose bushes, grapes etc. As I am not intending to stay on the Freedom servers I have no need of anything, thus, you will also attain my Supreme Cart, Rare Archery target, row boats, sail boat, everything, right down to my inventory. There is also a mail box gifted to me with some cast on it. Oh and an Alter of fo sits above the village in the grass also. Business I will accept either real-world currency or Wurm Silver I don't know how much, I'm fairly new to Wurm and I'm looking to at least see a few offers. I also appreciate this being my first post isn't going to do me any favors, but I have a TeamSpeak channel we can talk on if you want, I can invite you to the village for a guided tour. Please PM me if you want to do that and I'll organize it (GMT, I'm in the UK). Thanks!