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  1. I had similar issues as a new player on mainlands, once I built a boat and settled on an island, mobs were no longer and issue. I might add that on an island deed, I needed no guard, or tower to live in peace, though, it was a relatively small island.
  2. I would love to see functionality of the select bar for all of the alternative UI Skins. Would love to play with them, but without the convenience and utility of the select bar, the other skin options are not really an option.
  3. "Exact my revenge anywhere, anytime and anyhow. Make it painful and frightening." -Libila
  4. Her voice infected the world. People who’d never had an ill thought felt drawn to the dark lands. As her power grew, Libila whispered plans for a new way forward. Through the tools of order; chaos and destruction would be more easily spread.
  5. With the smaller PMK's facing the odds they do, against the powers that be, can they really afford to chance ANYthing? Paranoia? Perhaps, but living on chaos in a small PMK, thats life. Dead Horses.
  6. Coming from someone who has also just left freedom, for PvP, {though, Epic was not the path I chose.} I can relate to and agree with Nappy about the camaraderie. Though, On chaos the numbers are much lower if you are not a member of the larger kingdom, the feeling is much the same. Keep the updates coming, Epic is an interesting ruleset, and a different experience. One I enjoy reading about.
  7. Confirmed, it seems mainly inside walled enclosures. Also, not sure the 'sitting' while driving the cart animation is causing it to happen while steering or not. But I can say the perspective from sitting behind the horses needs work. a lot of visibility cut off by the horses, not sure if that's intended or not.
  8. Awesome. No other way to say it. +1
  9. +1 for some form of ship only compass, Mordraug's idea is pretty good. Seems to be the easiest direction to work such a feature in.