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  1. 5x 90+ ql = 4c per log kindly mail to mobboss pls, ty
  2. mid-week bump! still looking for them pieces
  3. Just logged in to my toon and checked, i do indeed already have a pair of rare steel chain boots, so i afraid i have to give it a pass.. thanks for asking me tho, appreciate it! P/S: bump! still looking for these parts: iron: 2 boots 1 jacket steel: 2 gloves 1 sleeve 1 coif
  4. Heya, thank you very much for keeping my search for rare chains in mind. Appreciate it. I'm away from my pc for the next 12 hours but from my post here, it seems I do already have a pair of rare steel chain boots.. Would you mind holding on to the boots for 12 hours or so, and I'll get back to you once I confirmed the pieces I need? Really appreciate it if you do, but if the wait is too long for you, no hard feelings either, cheers!
  5. Sorry for hijacking, but can we just make this a thread for everyone looking for 90+ masonry lol im also looking for a couple of imps to 90ql mobboss, cadence c14 XD
  6. G 15c H 40c I 30c Q 10c R 10c V 15c AD 15c AJ 15c AO 5c AX 80c COD mobboss if i win, thanks
  7. this looks fun C 5c G 5c H 25c I 20c Q 5c R 5c V 5c AD 5c AJ 5c AO 5c AX 5c COD mobboss if i win, thanks
  8. found the iron pants, few more pieces to completion, keep them coming, dont be shy XD
  9. bump! found the steel pants, now only 4 pieces left for each set, dont be shy, contact me
  10. can you mail 5 of 80+ and 5 of 90+ql log to mobboss, ty p/s: do you do 80+ ql logs by the crates? kindly pm me with the price for such sale, i can arrange for my own coastal pickup.
  11. 4s, can pick up kindly contact Mobboss if i win, ty
  12. I'll start, with 3s if i win, COD to mobboss please P/s: yeah the fact that its gold (takes 20% more damage, 5% slower repairing time) puts a damper on things, but a rare is a rare is a rare
  13. hi o/ can you mail these to mobboss pls, thank you 75ql 2c/ea x 20
  14. Thanks Smokes! But I already have that piece unfortunately
  15. Thanks, will give everything a try when the issues arises at the expected timing. For now, everything seems fine (acceptable ping, 0% packet loss)
  16. As the title mentioned, I'm wondering if there's other players whose connection to the server has been problematic of late? I have been consistently having problems with my game, ranging from 1) problem logging in (i will get logged in, and nothing will be loaded, just me standing on an ocean, not able to move/chat/or interact with anything at all) , or 2) extreme lags (it can take me from 1 min to 5 mins trying to embark/disembark from a wagon, for example) these problem are present even when im logging in a an area with no other players within my local range. This problem have been going on for more than 2 weeks now, and it appears to happen at a very specific time window on a daily basis. It always starts around 1pm UTC, all the way up to 5-6pm UTC (its 9pm to 1am in my local time, gmt +8, for reference, i'm one of the rare souls playing from South East Asia). I am fairly certain the problem is not on my pc or network connection. Out of the stated timing, i could play Wurm, while streaming netlfix/twitch/youtube with little to no issues.(my internet connection is a fiber connection clocking at 100+mbps download, 50+mbps upload, 1ms ping, for reference) During the mentioned period however, i will have problems even without any other programs/apps running at the same time.. I understand the timing mentioned is probably the time of heaviest server load on the US and Europe side, but that doesn't explain the sudden occurrence of the problem around Feb - now, given the fact that we have nowhere as much active logins as what we had half a year ago.. Is there a recently discovered known issue from the devs side? Are there other players besides me having the same problem? Are there any suggestion to fix this? Thanks in advance for all the reply, Mobboss
  17. bumping and necro-ing my own post
  18. Is this a new issue or has it been going on for a while now? Im asking this because ive been having problems to log in on and off for about a week or so now. sometimes after i log in, i need to wait for up to 5 mins before i can interact with any perosn/items at all. The worst of the problem was yesterday ( almost 24 hours ago) when i spent half an hour trying to log in, and afterwards spending another hour trying to 'sleep' on my bed as i realized i cant move at all, let alone play. im quite sure the problem is not with my isp as i have a stable internet connection, and everything else i do (surfing/streaming/downloading) besides wurm works great without any bumps
  19. I'll take the Rare file Supreme Needle Rare Carving knife Rare hatchet Cod Mobboss Btw your price is too low, I am open to price negotiation unless its a quitting sale...
  20. Yes, that can be an effective argument. i'm sure some players agree we shouldn't 'childproof' the game too much. I agree too, to a certain degree. But, this is exactly what the latest patch just did, it just offered a safety-net for players with rare/supreme/enchanted wooden tools from accidentally burning their items. Therefore, it stands to reason that player inattentiveness WAS the sole reason for an added feature in this case. Granted, burning is instantaneous, while as you said, bandaging is a timer-based action. However, i think a QoL improvement never hurt anyone. Maybe not urgently needed change, but would be a welcome one nonetheless.
  21. +1 i would say that rare/supreme cloth items should be just as valuable as any rare/supreme wooden items. So if one is deemed valuable enough for a protective mechanism, the other should too. And the most recent patch showed us that its something that can be done (protection of rare wooden item being used for 'burn' action), so there is no reason not to implement this for cloth items...