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  1. 5x 90+ ql = 4c per log kindly mail to mobboss pls, ty
  2. mid-week bump! still looking for them pieces
  3. Just logged in to my toon and checked, i do indeed already have a pair of rare steel chain boots, so i afraid i have to give it a pass.. thanks for asking me tho, appreciate it! P/S: bump! still looking for these parts: iron: 2 boots 1 jacket steel: 2 gloves 1 sleeve 1 coif
  4. Heya, thank you very much for keeping my search for rare chains in mind. Appreciate it. I'm away from my pc for the next 12 hours but from my post here, it seems I do already have a pair of rare steel chain boots.. Would you mind holding on to the boots for 12 hours or so, and I'll get back to you once I confirmed the pieces I need? Really appreciate it if you do, but if the wait is too long for you, no hard feelings either, cheers!
  5. Sorry for hijacking, but can we just make this a thread for everyone looking for 90+ masonry lol im also looking for a couple of imps to 90ql mobboss, cadence c14 XD
  6. G 15c H 40c I 30c Q 10c R 10c V 15c AD 15c AJ 15c AO 5c AX 80c COD mobboss if i win, thanks
  7. this looks fun C 5c G 5c H 25c I 20c Q 5c R 5c V 5c AD 5c AJ 5c AO 5c AX 5c COD mobboss if i win, thanks
  8. found the iron pants, few more pieces to completion, keep them coming, dont be shy XD
  9. bump! found the steel pants, now only 4 pieces left for each set, dont be shy, contact me
  10. can you mail 5 of 80+ and 5 of 90+ql log to mobboss, ty p/s: do you do 80+ ql logs by the crates? kindly pm me with the price for such sale, i can arrange for my own coastal pickup.
  11. 4s, can pick up kindly contact Mobboss if i win, ty
  12. I'll start, with 3s if i win, COD to mobboss please P/s: yeah the fact that its gold (takes 20% more damage, 5% slower repairing time) puts a damper on things, but a rare is a rare is a rare