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  1. Hi there o/ i would like to get 2 weapons imped - 1 iron huge axe to 90ql - 1 silver huge axe to 80ql do let me know if/when you're available, will mail those over to you thanks its mobboss in-game
  2. i'll get the ball rolling with 4s, and hopefully restore your hope a little in the process 4S COD mobboss if i win, thanks! (i will be away for a day after this, so i'll retrieve the items after 30 hours or so, but rest assured, if i win, i'll pay )
  3. Hi o/ i would like to order this huge axe, and if possible to get a 70 coc + nim on it? Great if possible, fine if its not Can you mail this to mobfood? thanks
  4. Thanks for organizing and making the slaying public! the place is very nicely designed and decorated too, shows the effort put into the event
  5. Thank you for organizing and making this a public event! may i add: the timing for the event is probably the best in including players across multiple time zones, as evidenced by the huge turnout
  6. bump, now only looking for rare steel pieces only XD
  7. On Hiatus

    kindly mail it to mobboss, thanks! Edit: super fast response and mailing, 2 thumbs up!
  8. On Hiatus

    COD to mobboss, ty
  9. Rare horseshoe 90.66ql 73 WOA start bid: 15s increments: 1s buyout: 40s sniper protection : 1 hour will send via COD Will throw in a free package of 3 free blank 90.6ql horseshoes or free imp to 90.6ql for 3 horseshoes you own for the buyout Happy bidding!