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  1. Rare horseshoe 90.66ql 73 WOA start bid: 15s increments: 1s buyout: 40s sniper protection : 1 hour will send via COD Will throw in a free package of 3 free blank 90.6ql horseshoes or free imp to 90.6ql for 3 horseshoes you own for the buyout Happy bidding!
  2. Hi, can you cod me the 68 botd for 1.5s please. Toon name is Mobboss, thank you
  3. Its hard to convince people of your idea if your way of fixing things is by making the existing imbalance exponentially worse, and hoping that the resulting mess will attracts the devs' attention to overhaul the supposed imbalance.. You cannot both ask for a religion balance, and at the same time ask for a major boost to the already by-far most popular religion...
  4. -1. It would make Vynora + COC way too overpowered for skilling. Currently, there's already not much reason for PvE players to be a follower of any other religion, except in very specific situation. So, nope from me..
  5. I think it's intended to allow ppl to grow stronger, skill-wise and gear-wise, so as to not die on single aoe hit. As its a public event, it makes sense to wait a little, to allow for most ppl to benefit from such event.
  6. Hi, thanks! Cod to Mobboss, thank you. Will retrieve it shortly