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  1. Hi, kindly COD these to Mobfood, ty metal brush, iron: BOTD 84: 28c shovel, iron: BOTD 84: 28c grooming brush, oakenwood: BOTD 83: 27c g rope tool, oakenwood: BOTD 84: 28c scythe, iron: BOTD 84: 28c sickle, iron: BOTD 85: 30c small anvil, iron: BOTD 84: 28c And do you do Pelt? if yes can you give me a PC on a pelt with BoTD 80+? Kindly reply/PM or in game chat me, tyvm.
  2. ordered custom enchants for my huge axe. ordered fulfilled on time as promised. 10/10 Will use again.
  3. Speedy response and delivery. with pleasant discounts given! 10/10 definitely will buy again
  4. hi, cod these items to Mobfood in-game pls carving knife, iron: BOTD 83: 27c file, iron: BOTD 79: 21c hammer, iron: BOTD 83: 27c lump, iron: BOTD 84: 28c knife, iron: BOTD 83: 27c mallet, oakenwood: BOTD 83: 27c scissors, iron: BOTD 84: 28c trowel, iron: BOTD 84: 28c ty. Edit: kindly as in this, as well string of cloth: BOTD 85: 30c ty
  5. Will i make it if i sail from NE xan now? if yes count Mobfood and Mornieohtar + alts in ty
  6. COD rake,iron(c80) for 50c to Mobfood please, thank you
  7. if its still mailable, can you send one to MobFood? thanks for the cool cool tower XD