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  1. Please review Enki post on bug reporting : If you don't need a GM in game for assistance, /support should not be used. If you think it is a sensitive bug that should not be made public, PM a GM here on the forums to discuss that. The /support tickets should only be used when you need GM assistance in game.
  2. To drag water out of a container, you have to be strong enough to carry *all* of the water. This is not possible from a full fountain, but can be done from a well. I expect on the first drag, the fountain was still filling ?
  3. Yes ... it's being restarted - should not be long. It's up again now.
  4. Yes. (I had personally thought there would be one today, but we don't get advanced notice)
  5. Nothing will be lost. The mail is intact; it's just the dialog to get items out that is broken. It's been fixed in the code ... we just need Rolf to do a restart.
  6. We have just combined the CA help channels for Indy, Deli, Exo, and Cele
  7. Moving to the Toolbelt section.
  8. It's a Bug in the change to the mail system to show Rares ... should be fixed soon. We may need a restart.
  9. Blocking roads

    This is why we allow Sand Borders on both sides of a one tile road to also count - for those situations where making a 2 tile highway would be too much work.
  10. Blocking roads

    GM's do not advise players to remove roads. A question was asked about if a cobble stone road with a gavel boarder would be a highway under the rules, and I expressed my opinion that it was not. That is all that was said.
  11. As I said, I don't know if it was new or not. But it was not documented in the wiki, and someone had a SMB take a lot of damage in one ... so best to inform and remind.
  12. I'm not sure if this is something new, or has been around for a while. I only learned of it recently. A Lit HotA statue will slowly heat any item placed inside it. If that item is flammable (including Small Magic Chests) then it will take damage, and be destroyed after some time. Turning off the light will stop the heating effect. Update Capi noted below ... anyone can light a statue. Just having them unlit may not prevent the burning of contents.
  13. The model is not in the game yet, even on the test system. Moving this as it's not a bug.
  14. Weekly Updates?

    Once his vacation is over, I'm sure we'll be back to regular updates.