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  1. Valrei International. 011

    All we need now is a low roof option instead of witch's hat looking roofs on a 3x3 or bigger.
  2. Valrei International 009

    Be nice if we could change the colour of Hota statues pls......
  3. Scaffolding

    Now we can build under ground maybe it would be nice to have an option of a very temporary structure like scaffolding to raise ceilings so as not to waste lot's of time and resources building up just destroy them after.
  4. Roads in caves.

    Think WU gets it on Monday.
  5. Deliverance Community Map

    Deeds that have popped: Little Hope X24 Y6, Grasslyn X25 Y6, WhyKickaMooCow X46 Y31, Prism X20 Y19, Where the Wind Blows X37 Y15, Serenity Dragon Shores X46 Y7 Lake View Estate X18 Y26, Southport Dockyard Y47 X37. Keep up the good work and ty.
  6. Guard tower placement

    Just drop it on 5 when created and build it there. That's where it will stay.
  7. Tile Corners?

    You can plant lamps on them with out having to guess where the corners are.
  8. Why Did I Deprem/Quit Wurm Online? - Feedback

    I let my prem run out on both my Acc's (also deed is running down using what in game silver i have left) because i cant justify the cost when i have WU that i can play for free when ever i want. Imo to many ppl don't "play" WO its their part time job.
  9. Surface mining in Climb mode

    +1 for any or all of the above changes.
  10. Modify stone wall to stone window

    +1 maybe chisel to open window and stone brick to close?
  11. About littering.

  12. bridge ramp speed

    You walk faster on all bridge types its to do with there dynamics i think.
  13. Five faith tick limit per day.

    Ty that will fix it for me.
  14. Five faith tick limit per day.

    I have this mod i doesn't remove the 5 tick limit. At least i cant find a way to remove it.
  15. Five faith tick limit per day.

    I have looked through the forum for a mod that removes the 5 faith tick limit per day and cant find one. Can anyone point me in the right direction or has it not been modded yet?