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  1. I got an 80ql studded leather set from Chrys. Fast and easy. Deffinitly recomend them to anyone!
  2. Price check for this please! [15:25:14] This wooden brush is used to groom animals. Its wooden handle is lined with lots of thin, strong wemp straws. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is made from pinewood. It could be improved with a log. [15:25:14] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, '.ar...r...'. It's QL 22, no enchants. Thanks!
  3. Can't wait! And as stated above. You really don't need to pay anything to be able to make enough silver to buy permium with ingame money. Getting a month of premium after you get your skills to 20 will help a little but really isnt neccessary.
  4. I set up a deed not too long ago in the woods. My spirit templar keeps my deed safe and provides me with a ton of meat, but If I ever want to go to green dog its a challenege because of all the dangerous monsters on the way there. But I like that, gives it more of a challenge. I do agree however that there should be more neutral spawns instead of trolls, spiders, ect.. Oh and too many unicorns too.
  5. I think its good to see Wurm use facebook and twitter more. Tons of people use them and it will help get the game more popular. Just make sure the main site/forums gets the news that you put on facebook/twitter aswell.
  6. Logged in with this corpse on me then I got attacked and killed by a troll like 5 seconds later.
  7. What happened to your ships after you get eaten by the sharks?
  8. Only foundation in wurm is the ground you set your house on. But I think a skill like body control or mind logic should be used when making multistory houses to limit the number of floors people can make.
  9. I havent noticed any lag all weekend on Deli.
  10. I clikced on this but have no idea what it is. What is a fountain backpack?
  11. Would putting it up to 85ql remove the CoC cast?