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  1. Rift 24/1 3.13am GMT

    You might want to specify the location a little better. Last week's event at Britney Spears Bounce House was at K15. So this event is around K15 and L15.
  2. Brattygirl Grats. Please let me know how you want the unfinished fruit press.
  3. I just wanted to say 'Thank you' to the people who came to the rift. Bezdech Christopher Tek (His first rift) Kichi Gamerdood Fun was had by all. There was even some haggling for supreme armor pieces. It was challenging as there were so many blind corners and cliffs mobs. Here are some images:
  4. Please send to Monkeydo sickle, iron: BOTD 93: 78c
  5. The recently location of the newest rift on Indy is on Magic Mountain (in game map:H/I 15/16). It will start on Jan 15 at 6am GMT, 1am EST, 3pm KST/JST and Jan 14 10pm PST. I have posted some images below. The rift itself is on an area about 6x4 and it several trails going above and below. This is the most challenging rift I have seen. So if you know anyone up for a challenge I urge you to come and please post encouraging others to come. Forum game map coordinates x30y25 Forum Map This map will also show you the road to get there. It is North of the mountain.
  6. Supreme Unfinished Fruit Press (makes liquids) - (Can be any wood type) Still needs 3 planks, 1 sprout, 1 small nail (I can finish it if you like, or I can deliver)* Starting bid: 10s Minimum Increments: 1s Snipe Protection: 30 minutes Buyout: 32s Please post the name you want it sent to, and if you want me to finish it (and if you do, what wood type do you want) If you want certain strange wood types you will have to send me the sprout or plank. * I cannot mail it unfinished. I can deliver to most coastal areas, except Chaos and Central Xanadu.
  7. Supreme Oak Press (makes paper) 71ql Starting bid: 10s Minimum Increments: 1s Snipe Protection: 30 minutes Buyout: 30s Please post the name you want it sent to
  8. Mission: Adventure for Vynora Description:Description: Vynora commands 17 of you to perform the Ritual of sun at the Fist Of Seafarer using a two handed sword. It is located within about 3 map squares of H13. I went there. Highlighted my two handed sword and did the ritual of the sun. [13:48:44] You start to perform the Ritual of sun. [13:49:19] Your ritual is complete. The music played and everything. However, I did not receive credit in my missions window and the mission did not advance further towards to completion. I still had the option to do the ritual over and over, but the music did not play after I was done. The only issue I can think of was that I was on horseback. I did not move or anything strange.
  9. Bump Buying Drake Hide at 40s per 1kg.
  10. Unexpected. Thank you. [11:26:43] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  11. Please post the name of the person you want it sent to.
  12. Starting bid: 22s Minimum Increments: 1s Snipe Protection: 30 minutes Buyout: 42s A spinning tool used to make cloth strings. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. It is made from oakenwood. It could be improved with a log. 88.59ql 90BotD Please post the name you want it sent to