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  1. Thank you
  2. Hey guys, I received a red cherry when I got the title 'winner'. Totally didn't feel like a winner. Anyway, is there word of it being changed? Will we be able to change it to another tome, even random would be fine. Or I heard a strange rumor of it being changed to fall damage resistance. Sorry if there is another thread on this topic already.
  3. Was there talk of changing a Red Cherry to fall damage resistance?
  4. +1 Great set up. Did 8k baking stones in one go and had plenty of space to do more.
  5. WTS Veggies

    +1 Gave me a very reasonable deal and great delivery.
  6. Fantastic service and clear instructions. I'm considering doing more business with him.
  7. The server is back up
  8. Why is it that Indy crashes the most? Will we receive any sleep bonus for our time?