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  1. Just checking what he is worth. Has prem till tomorrow, but has 5 silver on him. Congratulations! You have now reached the level of Enlightened of the path of knowledge! You now have mastered the learning process, and learn immensely fast. Follower of Vynora 8k+ Karma Personal goals unfinished 100,000 actions (currently at 27k) God of War (craft 100 swords, axes, mauls, shields) Improve an item to 99ql
  2. Patch Notes 26/JUL/18

    Great job guys. Working amazingly. Thank you for fixing it.
  3. Can we get a date on the fix? Or has it been done already. Sorry for posting on an old post. Also, I would appreciate any clarification on how and what is counted so that I can plan my personal goals. Currently I find it very RNG. Example, mining vs. ship building (imp'ing oars) vs. black smithing (imp'ing pickaxes) - best was ship building. I'm not sure if it is because my skill is only 10 in ship building vs 60 in black smithing vs 80 in mining. Happy to hear what others have found.
  4. Been testing it a little. I don't think it is working correctly. Happy to be proven wrong. Also, all of these actions take my character much longer than 3.5s. So far only first actions count, you cannot queue your actions. Black smithing Improvement counts Mining Interestingly several things do not count (first action or not) Farming Cutting wood (not sure about chopping down the tree) Foraging Pick a sprout Repairing If someone would like to make a post going through more actions it could be useful.
  5. Great idea. I think the easiest one would be to just enchant fountains like we do mail boxes. Fast and easy. Even if you wanted to just use 'courier' it could totally work would be more than enough.
  6. Often the divined water tiles could be in more efficient places for a deed. For example, some like to put them near where you blacksmith, tailor, cook, etc. Please introduce an item we can purchase from the trader (aka a orb of divination for example) that can make a tile a water tile (where you place a fountain or well and it refills for free) or move an existing water tile. 5s (or more) to move or add a divined water tile would be great. I will leave the pricing up to you, but please take my money (and I'm certain there are many other Wurmians that would throw more money at you). If I have an incorrect facts or unclear terms please let me know (or if there is an item already).
  7. SOLD - Please close

    WTS 5 mortar 2s/k Free delivery to coastal deeds on Freedom servers. BSB included. PM Monkeydo in game
  8. Holy Scrolls

    +1 Help that gem market
  9. WTB Labmonkey

    Thanks regardless. I appreciate any information. It is also my fault for making such similar names.
  10. WTB Labmonkey

    Thank you. Much appreciated.
  11. WTB Labmonkey

    WTB the character "Labmonkey" I sold him many years ago. I left the game and have come back and left since over the past five years. From what I can tell from the forum "Kurator" (forum name, don't know in game name) had him last. However, when he left he sold many things (I think he left for Wurm Unlimited). I have no idea who bought his items and or deed.' Either way, I believe the account 'Labmonkey' is not being used at all. So if a friend of a friend of someone who knows Kurator could contact him or knows the owner of the 'Labmonkey' account please let me know.
  12. +1 Don't like the look of the cloth armor
  13. Resizing character screen

    I am talking about the window where you can unequip and drag drop stuff. I will edit the OP.