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  1. Sent some horseshoes to Noizhead. Would like BotD 90+
  2. Please let me know how you would like the collect your auction. Also, I need to know character names to mail keys. I will leave the bsb's locked on my perimeter or on yours (if you want deliver for 1s)
  3. Thank you. I think I need to wait for a new map dump to figure out my coordinates. I appreciate the format. I will update later.
  4. Please add Monkey Caverns 5477, 322 There is a highway, but I'm not sure as it outlines my deed first and then runs straight south almost to the corner of 5471, 681. (I was off by 4 tiles to the west, so I extended that small portion of the highway north 6w tiles and then 3 tiles NW, and then the waystone says Monkey Caverns is 390 from that corner. Not totally sure how to explain the highway around the deed, especially as I raised some dirt around the edge (that is not on the map). Contact Monkeydo in game. I think I can summon you.
  5. Selling Several BSB's of iron lumps BSB's included. Pick Up is Xanadu B20 (10 min from the server border, below a small piece of desert) Will Deliver to most coastal areas (not Chaos, not central Xanadu) for 1s. Minimum increments 1s Snipe Protection: 30 min All Iron lots are full BSBs (16K) Lot 1 Iron 85ql Current Bid 8s (bobhope) Buyout 20s Lot 2 Iron 81ql Current Bid 8s (Simju) Buyout 20s Lot 3 Iron 75ql Current Bid 7s (fencejumper) Buyout 18s Lot 4 Iron 64ql Current Bid 7s (Simju) Buyout 16s Lot 5 Iron 42ql Current Bid 7s (NcR) Buyout 14s Lot 6 Iron 34ql Current Bid 6s (garifus) Buyout 14s Lot 7 Copper 72.30ql x 10k lumps Current Bid 8s (fencejumper) Buyout 15s Lot 8 Lead 80ql x 10k lumps Current Bid 7s (Sidereal) Buyout 15s
  6. WTB Deed

    Have you thought of asking someone to make a deed for you? You could choose the location that you like and what not.
  7. If someone has not already contacted you I can do a knarr to 91ql and I can put a speed rune on it as well. I can deliver or you can pick it up on Xanadu. Contact me in game - Monkeydo
  8. 8/18 Rift Location?

    Around M21. Relatively flat with lots of bushes. Easy to find.
  9. Thank you for the sleep bonus.
  10. I suggest buying rare sprouts for cheap and doing it yourself.
  11. I'm curious if anyone wants to join this conversation about how we gain weapon xp. I heard you get more based on damage. I do not think the essence drain damage counts (it is additional damage). Therefore, LT is better as you are doing more damage with the weapon. Or is the damage insignificant, and it is better to kill more mobs for more xp?
  12. With time restrictions being an issue. Could server maintenance be scheduled around rifts? Had 3 of us at the start of the last Indy rift and 5 minutes after it starts, we get a maintenance message. What happens? People on their way, stop. Also, sometimes a maintenance takes longer than expected. Coupling this with not receiving rewards if you are not online, either try to reschedule your maintenance or allow people to receive rewards when offline.