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  1. Just curious if someone could break down some pricing for me. 16 rare horseshoes + imp to 92ql + woa90+(from 90-107) + steel vynora runes (attatched) 32 silver + 0 silver (despite taking forever) + 15 silver + 16 silver? (really not sure what this is worth) Additionally 4 saddles (not rare) 92ql + woa90+ (90-98) + steel vynora runes (attached) 4 silver + 3.5 silver + 4 silver 4 Ebony Black horses (all 5 speeds) 2 silver = 76.5 silver? Is this worth this much?
  2. LoL Please close, I didn't know you could disintegrate a vein.
  3. Sorry, didn't know you could just disintegrate them on Freedom. How would people feel about a mechanic similar to transmutation liquids, but for veins? The amount of liquid required could be based on the amount of stone or ore left in vein. Seeing how transmutation rods do not work on veins there should be some kind of alternative. It could even lower the quality. I don't think that would even be an issue. Personally, it only needs to work for sandstone veins. I don't think people are running into too many marble, and slate veins. Even if the liquid worked on turning sandstone shards to regular rock shards it would be fine. I apologize if there is a large portion of our community that simply loves sandstone. Please let me and the rest of our community know the joys of sandstone. A simple fix, would be to allow transmutation rods to work on veins.
  4. +1 Why not just require 40 skill like forage and botanize?
  5. Going to assume thats the buyout. Thank Nordlys.
  6. Auction: 2 Rare Silver Axe Heads at 12.31ql or I can make them into large axes and imp them to 85ql Please state what you want with your bid. -Buyout Allowed (4s for both) -Snipe Protect 1 Hour -Starting Bid 1s -10c Increments
  7. +1 Can we remove pick seeds too?
  8. +1 Can we do mailboxes as well? Or is there a reason they can't be loaded? The courier spell market?
  9. Will we be able to resize the character window (the one that shows our equipment and damage)?
  10. Can send. PM me here or as Monkeydo in game
  11. Let me know if you want to buy a supreme press
  12. Looking to buy: 1k of potato, cucumber, pumpkin, carrot, cabbage, corn, tomato, lettuce, onion, strawberry, pea pod, garlic, rice, sugar beet 14k total 3k wemp 3k cotton Let me know when you have it. Monkeydo in game