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  1. +1 Great set up. Did 8k baking stones in one go and had plenty of space to do more.
  2. WTS Veggies

    +1 Gave me a very reasonable deal and great delivery.
  3. Fantastic service and clear instructions. I'm considering doing more business with him.
  4. The server is back up
  5. Why is it that Indy crashes the most? Will we receive any sleep bonus for our time?
  6. Hey guys, Just wondering what the market is looking like these days. Fo Priest 100 faith with a transfer Path of Insanity, Level 11 question is ready, just waiting on 70 meditation skill.
  7. Any comment on Sleep bonus or prem time for the players effected?
  8. Having similar issues on a potato machine Would appreciate if there is sticky for what are the lowest suggested graphic settings as well.