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  1. I'm curious if anyone wants to join this conversation about how we gain weapon xp. I heard you get more based on damage. I do not think the essence drain damage counts (it is additional damage). Therefore, LT is better as you are doing more damage with the weapon. Or is the damage insignificant, and it is better to kill more mobs for more xp?
  2. With time restrictions being an issue. Could server maintenance be scheduled around rifts? Had 3 of us at the start of the last Indy rift and 5 minutes after it starts, we get a maintenance message. What happens? People on their way, stop. Also, sometimes a maintenance takes longer than expected. Coupling this with not receiving rewards if you are not online, either try to reschedule your maintenance or allow people to receive rewards when offline.
  3. Congrats Rocklobster [23:12:39] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  4. Rare Professional Reel, steel x2 for sale - 5s each (1 Sold) Creation ql (around 13ql) Rare Unfinished Fishing Net - 5s Sold PM Monkeydo in game Feel free to check out my auctions as well: - I you want a different metal type than steel
  5. Rare Padded Handle - Should transfer rarity (I tested it twice) - You can make your reel any metal type (Adamantine, Glimmersteel, Seryll, Steel) Starting bid: 3s Minimum Increments: 1s Snipe Protection: 30 minutes Buyout: 15s Please post the name you want it sent to Feel free to check out my other fishing related auctions and sales:
  6. Auctioning: Supreme Willow Fishing Rod 90.28 ql [23:00:31] A long fishing pole with eyelets. It is made from willow. You must use a mallet on the fishing rod in order to improve it. Requires a fishing reel to be able to be used for fishing. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. Starting bid: 15s (Any less and I will just keep it) Minimum Increments: 1s Snipe Protection: 30 minutes Buyout: 42s Please post the name you want it sent to You can also check out my other fishing items: Sorry no supreme reel, I tried...
  7. Rift 24/1 3.13am GMT

    You might want to specify the location a little better. Last week's event at Britney Spears Bounce House was at K15. So this event is around K15 and L15.
  8. Brattygirl Grats. Please let me know how you want the unfinished fruit press.
  9. I just wanted to say 'Thank you' to the people who came to the rift. Bezdech Christopher Tek (His first rift) Kichi Gamerdood Fun was had by all. There was even some haggling for supreme armor pieces. It was challenging as there were so many blind corners and cliffs mobs. Here are some images:
  10. Please send to Monkeydo sickle, iron: BOTD 93: 78c
  11. The recently location of the newest rift on Indy is on Magic Mountain (in game map:H/I 15/16). It will start on Jan 15 at 6am GMT, 1am EST, 3pm KST/JST and Jan 14 10pm PST. I have posted some images below. The rift itself is on an area about 6x4 and it several trails going above and below. This is the most challenging rift I have seen. So if you know anyone up for a challenge I urge you to come and please post encouraging others to come. Forum game map coordinates x30y25 Forum Map This map will also show you the road to get there. It is North of the mountain.