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  1. A lot of us disagree with the way certain cases are handled and would like to be judged instead by the gods. A person should be able to demand trial by combat where he or some champion reprrsenting him will fight the staffs champion. The outcome of the battle should determine the verdict. Keep in mind that trial by combat is an actual law in the UK and some other countries.
  2. +1 I have a very big list of places I am going to poop at. Examining the poop should display who they came from.
  3. The horrible lag and disconnects have been "this way since htey added the game". Should we also keep the lag and the disconnects champ ?
  4. Did you just "keep it broken cause it helps us" ? This should not be in suggestions but in server-side bug report. It's obvious that the devs forgot to add the LoS check on the new wall types.
  5. Meridius has been bought from an ex Jenn Kellon and is used in Black Legion. Contact Sizzle in the forums or Issle/Clifford ingame about it.
  6. THE DAILY LIBILA NEWS A day after failing the siege of the Black Legion Capital, Mol Rehan attempted to siege again the island fortress of Kaer Morhen. Two brave black legion members, Telecosmos and Emmanuel showed up to defend. After two and a half hours of siege, the attackers got outrepaired and repelled. Magranon's champion Jukimo after seeing that they would not be able to breach the fortress token, gathered his troops into their boats and sailed back to their villages. BLACK LEGION
  7. Maurizio put it in context perfectly.
  8. You know battlepaw, even with all those unbalanced features, Chaos would still kick serious ass if people would talk less in the forums and appear more in the field of combat.
  9. Dominance feedback

    Why didn't I play challenge ? I didnt play Challenge because what attracts me to wurm pvp is a long lasting war with longterm goals andI have already Chaos that covers that. But that's just me and I think I represent just a small portion of the satisfied group of customers of wurm online. What is my perspective on it though as an outsider ? Ventures sometimes succeed and sometimes fail. There's no deterministic formula that will tell you when a game setup will succeed and attract players. Most of the time failure, but most importantly success comes unexpected. That's why the most important thing in such ventures is experimenting and pivoting. Experiment by making minimum viable setups that don't waste a lot of resources and when you see them not working, change into something different. Only when a setup seems that it's getting traction allocate resources to accelerate its growth. Going for Challenge #3 would obviously mean a case that shouts for pivot but instead is treated as if it was getting traction while it's not. Try something completelly different, maybe some type of weekend combat arenas like League of Legends or something. After all, pve was a pivot from pvp and it did work quite well
  10. Largest mine system I dont know but the most secure mine systems exist in The Legion Riders and in Kaer Morhen , both Black Legion wardeeds in Chaos.
  11. In a world infested by light, I like to walk in the shadows. Issle, Black Legion of Chaos
  12. So let me figure this out cause Im a bit slow. You claim, that the priest you so desperately mail Rolf to boost, has a dmg bonus, that combined together with the powerful artifacts generates a ridiculously op combination that can one shot people ?
  13. *ahem*

    I have never seen it stun.
  14. 69% voted yes. I make one and it gets deleted. So far there has been no response to me as why it got deleted and what rule it was violating. I'm curious to see why the moderation went against the will of 69% of this games community.
  15. Today, the 25th of February and every year, I name it to be "Share a song from your country" day. Let's share and learn each other's cultures. I'll do the start: >