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  1. Yeah, I can tell you what needs a complete rework - someone's attitude. It takes an enormous effort of mine and at least 6 other players, driving around every SFI Island to spot these uniques. We've spend last few months doing basically nothing but that. What did you do towards finding & slaying one? I feel fully credited to kill it with my private group as it takes tens, hundrets even, manhours to find. Go gather your friends and start stralling around endless woods and what not, coordinate it so you get a good coverage of the map and hope for the best. Resting on your cheeks won't bring you anything. Oh, and don't forget, these commie solutions you came up with are nothing but sophisticated ways to parasitize on other's work. Cheers!
  2. Nowadays it takes 90ish skill in a certain profession to make money out of it, at least on indy. FC is relatively easy to grind, at 73 it takes around +/-1h(SB) per level.
  3. Still no word/eta on new boat models and animations. Just to remind you guys, this has been "worked on" for like a year or so. Hopefully along with these new player animations comes the long awaited sitting down animation for chairs, thrones and so on. I hope next time you will AT LEAST mention these things in the weekly update
  4. just noticed that the title was misspelled. A good reason to bump
  5. As we all know along with uniques respawn system came the wall bashing to prevent players from penning these mobs for someones own enjoyment or out of greed. Most of you know that this system didnt fully solve the penning issue. Note that I am not a hypocrite - we've been holding TK captive recently together with my villagemates but only so that more players could come over (basically we organized a public kill with rolled loot). What I dont accept on the other hand is keeping them uniques captive for months as i said before - just for fun or out of greed. That is what, IMO, has to be worked on. So, how do I see it? A bit more complex respawn system - no matter where the unique is, if not in combat at the moment, it has a chace to respawn in a different spot every 4 weeks +/- 3 days. This would prevent them from being penned for excessive periods od time (like the FG on Indy likely is) What do you guys think od it? Please state your opinions and ideas! Thanks for your attention
  6. Been fun sharing this evening with you guys! Thanks for participating!
  7. Rly zigon? I usually see you around about this time od the day
  8. Please consider taking your tent if you're planning to die during the event.
  9. 10/10 would slay again.
  10. I'm just pointing out the fact. Love your business model
  11. I love it how you bought that rare carving knife for 1,3s just yesterday. Exgellend job, merchant you are my greatest ally
  12. I'd see that new server as a freedom cluster playground rather than a new soon-to-be abaddoned scriptfest where you can do same things over and over again (this is what wurm skills are all about) with exception that you will have to start all over again from time to time. Monthly resets won't make casual players stay there for long. What about keeping normal skillgain and letting your character from freedom cluster play around with their skills being the only thing they can 'take' with them. The goals should enforce teamplay and cooperation. Skill curve for combat skills on challenges server could help new players get on par with old players when it comes to PvP. Reward system for participating in challenges should award the winners with items and titles they can find useful on other freedom servers. This way you could 'go to campaign' with your main character, have some fun there fighting other players and completing goals without fear of loosing precious eqipment while hoping to bring back some booty. Another thing - dont you think decaying of briges would make them rather useless off deed?