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  1. Clearance Sale

    Auctions will begin once i have recovered from the surgery I have on Monday 17th. Not sure when ill be able to spend time at my computer.
  2. My apologies to everyone concerned. I posted out of fear, due to a lack of understanding. I got annoyed in responding to replies of others and I lost control of my intentions. At most : i hoped that the confusion may be avoided in future, perhaps with a note at login or prod to check forum / emails. (@Ayes : I honestly believed I could have been banned for breaching an edict.. Yes, I naively expected that a discussion over the root cause of the situation could continue in the thread we have for PvE rules, hence my comments regarding Hijacking, posted before i had read Enki's response.) I have stated from the outset that I accept the judgement of Staff, my annoyance over the matter stemmed from the lack of information available, nothing more. I understand why this the judgement was made & i see how i have overreacted to the situation and the responses of others. Again : my apologies.
  3. Clearance Sale

    Would appreciate any advice you may have on base prices.. List collated, PM me again with offers fr misc items. Auctions start tomorrow.
  4. So as i understand it : > You can be found guilty by association with another player committing a rules violation. > You may have a judgement imposed upon you without any notification of said judgement, and be expected to comply. > Staff my engage in deformation of character / damage your online reputation. (non of which is mentioned in the Rules or EULA) > the logical conclusion of which is trust no one (one person per village) no friends and don't talk to anyone privately I hope the staff can understand why I will ( and others may ) leave wurm.
  5. All of the following items are for sale :- To be auctioned for Euro black drake +ASOP ~80E green drake (no cap) ~75E Green Dragon skull ~30E Farwalker Amulet (56ql) ~56E Farwalker Amulet (70ql) ~70E Bag of Keeping ~100E Seryll lumps (5x 80ql, 3x 90ql, 5x 93+ql) ~ 40E To be sold Individually (euro prefered) Seryll plate sabaton 30ql ~ 3E plate leggings 30ql ~ 3E (sold) plate leggings 90ql ~ 5E plate gauntlet 30ql (x2) ~ 3E open helm 30ql ~ 3E open helm 90ql ~ 5E great helm 30ql ~ 3E chain jacket 90ql ~ 5E Green drake Hide ~ 1E Soft cap ~2E Gnome x4 ~4E (each) Fireworks x4 ~3E (each) Easter Egg x2 ~2E (each) Snow lantern ~5E Small magical chest ~20E Transmutation Fluid x2 ~5E (each) SpyGlass (sold) Hand mirror ~1E Scuplting wand (60charge) ~25E Scuplting wand (23charge) ~10E Scuplting wand (1charge) (sold) Rod of transmutation x3 ~ 30E (each) Images Item 1 - Black Drake with AoSP Item 2 - Green Drake (no cap) Item 3 - Seryll Miscellaneouse Items
  6. So my topic got hijacked , what did i expect... Lock plz.
  7. @yashua : My view of this matter is biased and incomplete, so i decline to post more than is necessary. @Clatius : you should be aware that.... @Brash : I agree, I simply see two opposing viewpoints, and a member of staff doing the best they can with the situation at hand, and tools available to them. And yes i am aware i appear to contradict myself, however whilst I accept why the judgement was made (and would likely have made the same decision myself) what i have issue with is the judgement was passed upon me in-abstentia.
  8. Please take your discussion of PvE rules back to the relevant topic. This topic was intended as nothing more than an announcement of something i feel the community needs to be aware. I expect this topic to be deleted : Thus no one will be aware that : You could have movement restrictions imposed upon you, in your absence, that could result in your account being banned. AND that said restrictions will not be communicated to you by those making said judgement. I still maintain my view point that : "I can see (that) everyone involved - without exception - is doing what they feel is best for the game in the long run,"
  9. I have deliberately not mentioned names places or staff. I can see everyone involved - without exception - is doing what they feel is best for the game in the long run, (Including those who play devils advocate by attempting to force a debate on the issue). I simply feel the community needs to be aware that the actions of the few can impact the many.
  10. I have been made aware that should I travel within local range of a particular deed I will receive an account ban. & under current rules : if I discuss the threat of a Ban i could receive an account ban. The majority of the alliance this decision affects are placing items and accounts up for sale. Most of us are now too scared or unwilling to play, whilst I feel obliged to seek legal advice. I acknowledge that by raising this issue I risk loosing 300-500 euros of items on my accounts and 10 years of investment that i would dearly love to continue..... ....however ..... I feel the wider community needs to be aware of the implications of "play nice" effecting entire alliances, through no action of the individual player.
  11. Independent NON-player based moderation is the only true solution, imo. Any player GM / moderator is placed in the impossible situation where by any decision they are forced to make is going to be perceived as favoritism, bias, or corruption by those on the negative end of that decision and in some cases (in other games i have played ) these decisions have been influenced by the risk of in game consequences as a result.
  12. Land Shark Pop-up

    I seek your advice, to avoid issues in the future. - with regards to the mechanic of traveling from one sever to another.... - and avoiding us creating problems where boats could appear ----- on land ----- within structures ----- on future bridge Piers (dirt 2x2 stack) built near to the server edge. ? Would it be wise to leave tiles 20-40 from a server edge as deep water ? (a tile measurement from the first tile of the "shark warning" could be more useful in-game.) Example, there is a small land mass on the southern Deli border, when traveling from Exo we 'seam' to jump the island. - I have considered building a Landbridge, or series of bridges (once implemented) North from Exo towards this. - I also have a deed at the southern most tip of Exo where there is a small gap of 50ish tiles to the server edge. Thanks for any clarification you might add to our "educated guesses" from in-game testing.
  13. Wunion article ideas welcomed

  14. +1 Vote for no change, I rarely try to get anything to within 5 of skill, With 87LW i'll stop at 80ql With 87 Fine carp i'll stop at 80ql Comparing logs from recent Spring impalong - the timing of these two skills with almost identical tools is very similar. (to 70ql)