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  1. [16:57:18] The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to arrive in a bit more than an hour. Enjoy
  2. Congratulation Rexx who should I COD it to?
  3. Now under Snipe protection if no one bids for 2 hours past Rexx he wins it
  4. Can I get 1 larder, 20 Large crates, 4 Bulk container unit, 3 bee hives, and 3 creature cages to S23 Harmony (HELL) also looking for a loom to be imped In game name Esclave
  5. Starting bid: 20s increases : 1s sniper protection: 2 hours (auction keeps going till 2 hours with out a bid.) no reserve, no buyout, no private bids
  6. Nice I'll grab them after work wish that was in less than 10 minutes as well.
  7. Can I get 1 larder, 20 Large crates, 4 Bulk container unit and 3 creature cages to S23 Harmony (HELL) And maybe a few others things while i got you out here Please Cancel order
  8. Please COD a 80QL studded set and tool belt to Eslcave.
  9. I have a priest around 60 faith ill make sure to have him in the area to help. (work permitting)
  10. We are in the northern isles on harmony and looking for more
  11. Yea that was my guess but wanted to make sure 15S on pickaxe
  12. are you selling them seperate or together for the 6S? 6S on the pickaxe
  13. Lambro, if you have not settled in. we would likely be a good fit. Most of us played on the Epic server (PVP) for some time and plan to make trips and per part of defiance here once this are setup and starting to settle down.
  14. I have 2 premium toons I would love to get in on this. one a Vyn Priest one about to be. If this does not go though i would be willing to host as well as S23 deed Hell.