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  1. just looking to get a general idea on the value of this account. Level 10 on path of insanity so not far from SOTG Religion Alignment: 100 Faith: 58.8072 Favor: 53.1773 Skills Paving*: 31.451046 Tracking: 7.643646 Milling: 28.925491 Coal-making*: 47.538147 Prospecting: 35.910797 Thatching: 1 Polearms: 1 Halberd: 1 Long spear: 1 Staff: 1 Hammers: 4.4466767 Warhammer: 9.453906 Religion: 21.495884 Prayer: 20.98645 Channeling: 42.07498 Preaching: 4.0366616 Exorcism: 1 Artifacts*: 1 Clubs: 1.9779574 Huge club: 3.3560462 Healing: 29.591732 First aid: 50.230103 Archery: 81.07546 Long bow: 74.65024 Medium bow: 5.266746 Short bow: 55.487373 War machines: 26.657465 Catapults: 38.822777 Thievery*: 43.27607 Traps*: 1.9973583 Stealing: 2.5310786 Lock picking: 55.705116 Climbing: 14.849763 Shields: 65.97492 Large wooden shield*: 10.249935 Medium wooden shield: 3.1010826 Large metal shield**: 81.69758 Small metal shield: 8.61193 Small wooden shield: 1 Medium metal shield: 27.54201 Axes: 45.51236 Huge axe: 31.195312 Large axe: 1.3322675 Hatchet: 62.187492 Small Axe: 1.472378 Swords: 38.469135 Two handed sword*: 55.448704 Shortsword: 3.9327364 Longsword: 88.15859 Knives*: 33.44127 Butchering knife*: 38.633026 Carving knife: 52.606728 Woodcutting*: 74.10429 Mauls: 24.575443 Small maul: 41.179157 Medium maul: 2.4031353 Large maul: 52.206882 Carpentry: 91.36997 Fine carpentry: 54.940247 Ship building*: 53.066017 Fletching: 87.67302 Bowyery: 61.70583 Toy making*: 3.4860249 Nature: 35.773033 Gardening: 18.833565 Fishing: 12.865466 Papyrusmaking: 1 Animal husbandry: 14.415746 Meditating: 64.51295 Milking: 2.569598 Farming: 25.476261 Forestry: 12.61295 Botanizing*: 12.55631 Animal taming*: 52.01524 Foraging: 11.553394 Cooking: 14.610695 Dairy food making: 1.9041508 Hot food cooking: 10.210484 Baking: 17.072348 Beverages: 2.424726 Butchering: 32.31231 Fighting***: 91.47249 Shield bashing: 43.17142 Taunting*: 6.2397904 Normal fighting: 80.78554 Defensive fighting: 58.57409 Aggressive fighting: 27.596863 Weaponless fighting: 20.829924 Toys: 1.2709711 Puppeteering: 2.3932292 Yoyo: 1.3930525 Alchemy: 7.296899 Natural substances: 18.894987 Miscellaneous items**: 70.5925 Stone chisel: 21.305199 Hammer: 77.1522 Sickle: 8.852361 Scythe: 3.548547 Repairing: 47.79441 Saw: 18.543308 Pickaxe: 94.16288 Rake**: 17.607422 Shovel: 55.714092 Pottery: 6.085366 Firemaking: 17.720257 Digging: 71.370895 Mining: 92.292175 Smithing*: 43.036163 Metallurgy*: 30.969564 Jewelry smithing*: 1.6598778 Locksmithing: 45.302277 Blacksmithing: 20.155682 Armour smithing: 31.762793 Shield smithing: 66.98186 Chain armour smithing: 48.646286 Plate armour smithing: 64.17389 Weapon smithing: 17.081959 Blades smithing: 6.0549045 Weapon heads smithing: 25.406002 Ropemaking: 8.198217 Masonry: 48.69238 Stone cutting: 34.445435 Tailoring: 17.689207 Leatherworking: 70.42336 Cloth tailoring: 20.370441 Characteristics Soul: 32.837246 Soul strength: 38.126476 Soul depth: 25.784565 Mind: 39.795464 Mind speed: 27.739656 Mind logic: 43.661667 Body*: 48.47329 Body stamina: 37.594288 Body strength*: 42.125107 Body control: 39.669952 Miscellaneous Affinities: 29
  2. this isn't just about fancy land of the dead casts though. this is about alt scouting, alt local checking, essentially alt pvp. if I cared about LOTD this topic would be titled "Land of the Dead too stronk plz nerf k thx"
  3. again for like the 9000th time ive posted this in this thread though, making it prem only will not solve ANYTHING because as just about everyone who uses alts already has at this point, they will just pay for prem on their alts so they can do the same stupid sh##... P2P solves absolutely nothing in this regard.
  4. uhhhhh who said anything about my kingdom? my posts are based on my opinions and mine alone a stupid suggestion maybe in the eyes of those who run around as alts or those who die damn near constantly on their mains as you seem to do hashi. all I'm trying to do is put forward a suggestion to turn chaos into a pvp server rather than a player versus alt server which it is now
  5. Then you are exactly the problem with this server, I can say.
  6. my thoughts exactly no sense in having the typical 2 hander swing timers should be more like small axes if anything
  7. Quick bump for a suggestion that will hopefully fix the alt abuse going on in the Chaos server
  8. This is a simple suggestion, nothing game breaking or overly difficult. Give a buff to the artifact weapons overall, increase their chance to hit, parry, and oneshot people. Wurm would be a much better place if I could one shot everyone, I mean it is an artifact after all and they require hours of work to recover. Please give any thoughts or suggestions but try not to troll my topic plz
  9. That is exactly the reason why this cannot just be added for F2P accounts, it has to be global, for everyone. Because only adding it for F2P will not fix a single thing, since all the rich kids are already bypassing this by just preming their suicide / local alts.
  10. Please actually educate yourself on a topic before posting nonsense. Thanks. No, of course it doesn't. I never once said it did. BUT if you ARE a legit player and you DIE 5 times within 5 minutes I see no problem with you having a respawn timer and quite honestly I think you NEED one since you are not only acting like an alt at that point, but you clearly need a time-out to figure out what the hell you're actually doing. You actually think Rolf has the ability to code such mechanics? Rofl. All I'm going say is, combat doesn't even work 100%. Just add a timer, simple solutions for simple problems. This is CHAOS ONLY, as clearly stated in the title. This isn't even an issue on Epic as far as I am aware but if they want it they can lobby for it. There is no need for something like this on Freedom whatsoever as it affects noone. As for people using multiple alts, yes I could see that becoming an issue. But if you have to log in another alt chances are at the rate Wurm loads your timer would be up before you've loaded a new client so effectively it would still cause a delay which is fine with me.
  11. Now not only do I have false accusations being thrown around by randoms but yet still, more flaming. For YOUR information, sir, I would never and have never allowed myself to stoop to the level of immaturity it takes to play on Epic, but that is another issue entirely. Once again, stop with the trolling and flaming and crying and all this other crap. This is a suggestion. If you have nothing constructive to add to the discussion do not post. All others will be reported and removed.
  12. If you disagree with my idea then state so and state why, instead of flaming and trolling a legitimate suggestion. Your ill-tidings with MR have nothing to do with me. Lots of crying coming from BL specifically and I'm not sure why, this affects EVERY kingdom equally. It's probably the most unbiased suggestion that's been put forward for the PVP community in months.
  13. That does not, and will not, solve jack- and you know it. People have already admitted to preming alts JUST to watch locals and suicide at larger forces. Something else, needs to be done.
  14. I sense ample amounts of "mad" and "butthurt" here, and I'd like it kept out of this thread please. Suggestions and discussion related to the topic only, stop derailing and forum PVP'ing. (I knew this would be an issue) Perfect Ruger then you see the point of my post yes? You could kill that alt now, and it will just come back. If this suggestion was implemented, whoever is running that alt would then be forced to ask themselves if it is worth it, having to deal with constant rez timers. In most cases it would deter them. However surely this would go both ways.
  15. A lot of the Epic players have left Epic for Chaos because there is not much going on there at the moment by way of action. Chaos, though, is one single server. All you really have left to do is choose a kingdom which suits your playstyle and you're good to jump right in. Going it alone on any PVP server is a one-way ticket down the red-tunnel express, so don't expect to make it alone.