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  1. Under water fences....... wait what??? are we going submarines? next we will be seeing large ships being able to transport livestock....
  2. THIS +3 ami too late? i hope it did become a Heritage Site, if it did is there any public use? like Green Dog? {never understood GD with boats and nowhere to go} if your stead was placed like GD as a starter point that would be sweet. i would definitely check into it
  3. i sent you a message, rsvp...if you wouldn't mind.

  4. /sign but am surprised no posts / replies yet as to "no we dont need it it", "use your surroundings to figure out where you are are", "we dont need things made any easier / simpler for us , we like it just the way it is" /good luck
  5. certainly answered the questions in my head. thx for posting this.
  6. implement the portals to travel build a land bridge much like the boat bridges incorporate / implement discovery / invention: hot air balloon aerials
  7. how about instead of removing decay you would have to treat said items with some kind of "preservative" something along the lines of like when you take care of you irl guns: you need to coat them with oil to seriously slow down decay (not that its fast irl) much like how you add salt to barrels with water and food to preserve it longer maybe you would have to "treat" these items once a month? every couple of weeks? is this not basically a crafting game at its core? then we should be asking for things to allow us to continue in that tradition and not for things that would circumvent that. but then again i suppose that is why there is decay / upkeep on all things.....
  8. what if they added time dilation {or whatever that is? : speeds up time for long journey travels} OR you could all get community involvement and build / raise land bridges... maybe even could build a long enough bridge with small pylon islands for the bridge(s) base (not sure of the correct terms) i see an opportunity to change the face of wurm with ways of connecting these continents / islands...much like the boat bridges. hel you guys could even stream it over the course of the construction time, i can see it now: "Largest Player Community Project online! come make Wurm History with us!" there are player solutions out there, we dont need a hand out from Rolf. hel the only other thing that may make it easier is maybe some kind of hot air balloon aerial, but THAT would have to be implemented as a handout of course. (too bad we dont have discovery / invention) hel we have portals, so why not use them to travel? ( i mean they could be made to be used this way if rolf so decided im sure)
  9. i wonder if we will ever be able to go to those celestials and colonize them. maybe through some random portal malfunction event or something, until another portal is built on whichever one one might end up on due to the malfunction/ interference so that there would be a way there and back. but that is probably a whole different world/ story.
  10. wind turbine propeller power. you have the mast, you have the sails, all you need to now is craft the propeller. http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=wind%20turbine&qs=n&form=QBIR&pq=wind%20turbine&sc=8-12&sp=-1&sk=#a http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=medieval+tech&qpvt=medieval+tech&FORM=IGRE#a after all you wouldn't want to ruin the building experience and gratitude of what you have built would you?
  11. Pony Killers

    well this kind of reminds me of the deed permissions. i took some stuff from some deed thinking i was ok due to the permissions that allowed it. i then find i am accused of greifing and end up on 6 KOS and a shout went out for the whole server to KOS me. what i am saying is this: you are on Epic, its a pvp server yes? you really cant greif anyone as long as the game mechanics allow it. {this is highly arguable} so then maybe the only solution is to join a well known and protected village? or move to a PvE server to breed what you need to breed and then transport to who ever needs them. sure it will not be as fast as being there, but it may be a lot less aggravating. on a PvP server you are open to whatever the game mechanic allows, this you know.
  12. Pony Killers

    why are you not deeding? i am sure it would be alot of work to set up several perimeters with good locks etc, but if you are not going to deed, you are going to have to be a bit more strategic. i once stumbled upon this: http://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Player:Zephyr idk if it is automatic or player created. but if it is automatic i can see how they are finding you when you moved.
  13. ye i dont get it, well i knd of do but... why doesn't wurm get advertised? {i mean other than the negative side of it that is}