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  1. Ravenoffaith and I have a deed back on Xan now. Bilgewater [5640, -6569] Thanks Ani! :3
  2. [20:16:31] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. You will have them soon Pleasure doing business with you!
  3. Grats MacOofer, message me your ign and I'll cod them to you.
  4. Ql has been posted for both ointments. Thanks!
  5. Wanting to auction of 2 ointments of stonecutting. [20:35:26] A small jar containing an dull grey ointment. Selling them separately, so please put Auction 1 or Auction 2 in front of your bid. Auction 1: Ql: 50.43 Starting price: 2s Price increments: 1s Buyout price: 10s Auction 2: Ql: 60.21 Starting price: 2s Price increments: 1s Buyout price: 10s If there is confusion or problems, please let me know. Thanks!
  6. I agree with this! I love the cooking aspect as well and I'd like to see more added to it. I mean, we can bake cakes and that's not even on the list of things in game that we can make.
  7. 1 90ql toolbelt as well pls, CoD name is Kilikina
  8. Small tortoise shield - CoD to Kilikina please and thank you
  9. This is more desirable than this forum shows... I had idk how many ppl offer items in exchange for it!
  10. Auction is officially, for the last time, closed! Thank you for all the bids and patience you all have had! This forum can be closed now.
  11. That is correct, I will leave the auction open until 1 hour after the last bid as it should be run. I'm sorry for my confusion and misunderstanding for others that it has caused.