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  1. Hi Nirav, I was in the large bay north and the maps seems ok. Did build a QL31 beacon at the south side of that bay and could not activate it.
  2. After a bit of help from the CA channel was it clear that the place was to deep in the current Jackal space.
  3. I did build a new beacon and try the make a deed (5x5x5x5) but get the message ' You cannot found a settlement within Jackal's influence.' My beacon is QL31 and the surrounding land is green. Also no enemy beacon visible. What I am missing or doing wrong ?
  4. ok, thanks. Working with the old client now. Let me know if you need additional info or a test person for the keyboard setting.
  5. Problem is still the same and the old way to start wurm doesn't work anymore.
  6. Did install the next start without problems but when the game runs the key mapping is not right. For example move forward is the 'W' key in my settings but when I press the 'W' I got Climbing On. The 'Z' key does move forward after some testing (while in the settings it stands on 'W') Problem start proably with the azerty keyboard layout that is used in my country.
  7. WTS Steel Lumps

    I like to buy some 100 QL92 steel lumps but what is the COD cost ?
  8. I offer 2s for the 2 iron pickaxe coc99 + coc96. Cod to Cevanne if ok.
  9. Will you consider 6s for the rare silver staff ? If ok can you COD it to Cevanne please ?
  10. Maybe some extra gain for the high leveles would be a reaseon to get there. Like for mining +10% speed for lvl99 and +25% speed for lvl100. Or some else skill that is usefull for the skill.
  11. Not sure if this is the right section for this but Xanadu is down !
  12. Nahjo priest can no longer flatten a rock tile inside a mine. I hope this is a bug and not a feature because Nahjo priest can mine and strongwall but no longer flatten (floor or ceiling) inside mine ? Go this message : Nahjo would not approve of that.
  13. Got 3 offers so have my support beams, thanks. This can be closed now.
  14. Like title says I want supports for sleep powders. The sleep powders are now on central Xanadu near shore reachable from other servers by tunnels. I will respond sooner if you pm me Thanks.
  15. Does the spell disintegrate only works for mag priest on pve like now or have other priests also acces to in on pve after the update?
  16. Could you extend this to fish also ?
  17. Hi, I like to order a 8hr+ meal for affernity : 1. Mind logic 2. Soul depth My test meal of a whole bear meat and a whole corn is tracking. Please send to Cevanne, thanks.
  18. Hi, Are you still making the bloodthirst spell ? I would like some on my bows.
  19. I have a happy Nahjo priest who fills his days with casting mend and strongwall and skilled in woodcutting and mining (lvl 99+). So after the update I have to lose or my mend and go Magranon (and keep woodcutting) or lose my woodcutting and keep to Nahjo. So same question : why keep different restrictions on mining/digging/woodcutting/farming for each priest ? For the rest happy with the upcomming update: Mend is improved and a new spell to 'beam over' people.
  20. Hi, Can you cast a coc 95+ on a charcoal for me ? QL of the charcoal is not important. Please mail to Cevanne.
  21. Hi, I would like to have a speed rune on my pickaxe (glimmer libia). If I read it right you can make and attach it for 4 silver. Not sure who I need to contact for that ? Ingame you can find me as Cevanne.
  22. Hi, Can you cast a coc 95+ on a gold lump for me ? QL of the lump is not important. Please mail to Cevanne.
  23. Hi, Can you cast a high (90+) coc on a zinc lump for me ? The QL of the lump is not important. Please send to Cevanne.