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  1. HI, could you send this to Cevan ? 60ql Meditation Rugs - 50c
  2. I'm looking for a high quality short bow with Nim and CoC. Please PM me here or contact Cevan on Melody.
  3. Hi, Could you send this to Cevan please ? shovel QL 71 BOTD 69 - 1s 68c
  4. ok, thanks for the replay, GL
  5. for a second char I get Connection refused. and after a while I get connection lost like I was logged in and standing idle for a few minutes
  6. Logging in on Melody takes minutes instead of the normal seconds. Anything going on ?
  7. Rare Smelter QL55 Starting Bid: 10s Min. Increment: 1s Buyout: 40s Sniper Protection: 1 hour Reserve: No Private Bids: No pickup from Melody (M19 at Cev's Deed)
  8. right now I got this error while 15 min ago I was online without problems
  9. Hi, Could you send this to Cevan please ? Thanks.