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  1. Hi, I did made a new tunnel for ship and cart. From 4000,5385 to 5936,5385 You can name it Cev's Hammerlake East Tunnel
  2. I like the goblin camps, but also hope they add a spell or so to retrieve all the arrows.
  3. rare pickaxe woa103 4s cod to Cevanne please.
  4. how much for the rare hatchet ?
  5. Ritual of the sun

    I see that the ritual of the sun is started on Xan. Must say I got a notification from Bramson but was asleep at that time. So now waiting for another 6 months ?
  6. Ritual of the sun

    one month later and did raise my praying from 30 to 70. No ritual of the sun on the agenda somewhere ? It seems a lot more difficult now that less people are playing wurm, maybe something to adjust in the future ? Like doing rituals on Impalongs or something like that.
  7. Nice to see that the tunnel will get improved. You can remove a few veins with erupt near the old mottistone trading post . (From 264 to 309) It was because of that village (tunnel was deeded over) that I could not do it in the past.
  8. back online ! , Thanks.
  9. I got connection refused when I try to log in on Xan.
  10. Hi, Could you make me a iron Hammer with coc 95(+) for 1 silver ? Please send this to Cevanne if possible.