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  1. I play for 3 years on Xanadu and yes they are lag spikes but nothing to make it not playable anymore. For me it's simple: if you like a big island where you can have a hermit deed then you have to take a bit of lag with it. If you don't like the lag they are lots of other (smaller) islands. Closing Xanadu is end game for me!
  2. Unfortunately the time has come for me to sell off this deed. I had a happy time there but no time anymore for this deed. The deed is located on the release South-West coast, at approximately R22 on the in game map and is barely been touched, just a few buildings and roads. There is a trader on deed and another trader off deed if you like to expand the deed. There is a 27x2 bridge from the waterfront to the highway up. There is Tin, Copper, Marble and Iron on deed. Deed does not come with the Mayor. If you have any questions please feel free to send me a forum PM
  3. Maybe there is something wrong on my map but i do not see this tunnel.
  4. big lag for the moment (+5 min freeze)
  5. 3.5 for the stone
  6. If I win the wood could you cod them to Cevanne please.
  7. 7s for the wood
  8. Hello, Find myself in a similar situation. Have a building 12 story high, last story is with slate arcs. I can build a fence on the west and north side but not on the east and south side. The option fence does not come and if i chose add to crafting windows i get : [20:27:36] There is a fence or wall there. Action not allowed.
  9. 3s for the wood
  10. Can you send this one to Cevanne please ? Thanks.
  11. Almost constant lag on Xanadu. Tracert gives normal values (15 hops / 23 ms max)
  12. tunnel goes from 2650/4050 to 2650/3244
  13. Hi, you did send a knife instead of a leather knife.