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  1. Almost an hour later ... still servers are down in the weekend
  2. I am afraid that Xan is down .
  3. can you mail the rare carving knife with 101woa for 7s to Cevanne ? thanks.
  4. Any news about the investigating ?
  5. Hi, dropped off 8 crates of marble at you deed Shmeric. Happy brick making
  6. ok, thanks.
  7. Do you allready have a Gary priest at your sermons ? I would like to make one and do sermons at your place. Thanks.
  8. At the end of the erupt timer I get the message 'nothing happens' if I use it on a reinforced tile. Not sure but think this worked in the past. Please can this be confirmed as a bug (or not) then i can adjust my plans
  9. Thanks Tich, I worked well now ! Sorry to post this under server bug because it was my ignorance that was the bug Post can be closed.
  10. Not yet, thanks for the tip. I will try a spyglass out as soon as possible and replay with the results.
  11. Hi, The problem exists right in the start when i like to chose 'Plan Bridge'. I like to try out a 38 long bridge but can't click on the person with the range pole. 37 tiles between: there is no problem if i hover with my mouse cursor over the person i can click and get the menu. 38 tiles between: I do not get focus on the person on the other side when i hover over him. Is there maybe a setting that can improve the distance that you can get focus on the other person 38 tiles far? Thanks. note: problem exists with both clients (old and unstable).
  12. I play for 3 years on Xanadu and yes they are lag spikes but nothing to make it not playable anymore. For me it's simple: if you like a big island where you can have a hermit deed then you have to take a bit of lag with it. If you don't like the lag they are lots of other (smaller) islands. Closing Xanadu is end game for me!
  13. Unfortunately the time has come for me to sell off this deed. I had a happy time there but no time anymore for this deed. The deed is located on the release South-West coast, at approximately R22 on the in game map and is barely been touched, just a few buildings and roads. There is a trader on deed and another trader off deed if you like to expand the deed. There is a 27x2 bridge from the waterfront to the highway up. There is Tin, Copper, Marble and Iron on deed. Deed does not come with the Mayor. If you have any questions please feel free to send me a forum PM