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  1. rare pickaxe woa103 4s cod to Cevanne please.
  2. how much for the rare hatchet ?
  3. Ritual of the sun

    I see that the ritual of the sun is started on Xan. Must say I got a notification from Bramson but was asleep at that time. So now waiting for another 6 months ?
  4. Ritual of the sun

    one month later and did raise my praying from 30 to 70. No ritual of the sun on the agenda somewhere ? It seems a lot more difficult now that less people are playing wurm, maybe something to adjust in the future ? Like doing rituals on Impalongs or something like that.
  5. Nice to see that the tunnel will get improved. You can remove a few veins with erupt near the old mottistone trading post . (From 264 to 309) It was because of that village (tunnel was deeded over) that I could not do it in the past.
  6. back online ! , Thanks.
  7. I got connection refused when I try to log in on Xan.
  8. Hi, Could you make me a iron Hammer with coc 95(+) for 1 silver ? Please send this to Cevanne if possible.
  9. Hi, Could you send the iron lump Coc 98 for 0.98 Silver to Cevanne please ? Thanks.
  10. Ritual of the sun

    hi, thanks for the replay. My priest has 100 faith and 70 channeling so he can cast the spell. While casting a sermon I don't see anything that gives a clue about when the rite can be held. [15:34:26] You initiate the sermon by brandishing your statuette of Magranon. [15:34:30] You clear your throat and evaluate your audience. [15:34:35] These people need guidance and motivation in their hardship. You praise Magranon for his glory. [15:34:55] You explain how Magranon is strong but still needs you to work faithfully so that he may manifest his powers. [15:35:05] Today you decide to suggest that they desecrate an enemy altar. [15:35:15] You have the vision that Demons from Sol just invented the Beautiful Diamonds. These are used to protect us from the Deathcrawler's minions! Magranon is home in Castle Glittercrown. . [15:35:15] In distant lands there are enemies of the faith and people struggle to keep them at bay. You urge the flock to send these people a thought and a prayer. [15:35:25] You finish this sermon by yet again praising Magranon and ask everyone to pray together with you.
  11. Ritual of the sun

    looking for other persons to cast Ritual of the sun. (I have 2 mag priest on prem that can join) Also not sure if the timeout is allready gone and we can cast it now.
  12. rift 29/03/21

    Hi, A rift just got open near my deed so I can give some direction. The rift itself is on N20 just south of the deed 'Got Lost'. The rift did open a few tiles from a road so easy access. From the shore you best got on the road on M19 (deed Cev's Deed) or L19 (Violand) and follow the cateye's to Cev's Mining deed. On the crossroad follow the unknow direction (will be connected to got lost). Happy hunting !