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  1. Hi, Could you send 2 cotton sheets to Cevan please ? Thanks.
  2. Hi, Could you mail the following to Cevan please. Pickaxe QL 70 Shovel QL70 File QL60 Hammer QL60 and if I did count correctly thats 220c together.
  3. Hi, Carving Knife, Iron#3 - 72QL - 63CoC - 1.10S Could you mail this the Cevan please ?
  4. Hi, I would like to order an iron needle QL60, please cod to Cevan. Thanks.
  5. HI, Can you send 50 Camilla and 50 lavender sprouts to Cevan please ? Thanks.
  6. please cod to Cevan 48.82QL rope tool, oak CoC48 - 75 copper
  7. please COD to Cevan ~1ql hatchet head, iron CoC57 - 2.09 silver hint: also looking for a spindle and ropetool with coc
  8. Just in case you did not know it allready.
  9. you can close this, did buy them.