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  1. Well, so it worked for like 5 minutes so I thought I'd be good and I couldn't find my horse with a saddle so I took my white horse...well, that thing's surely to be gone 10 hours from now.
  2. So just cut it from steam>steamapps>common and put the Wurm Unlimited folder on, say, the desktop; and then back in the proper place? Or do I need to cut it and reinstall wurm?
  3. Cotton Towel

    Just buy a pelt if you're not willing to kill an animal for it.
  4. Windows 7. Latest Java installed this morning and graphics drivers updated today as well. Mine crashes after about 30 seconds when first playing, then it wont even open after that. The weird thing is that it does it most days and if I'm running 2 characters sometimes one will crash but the other wont and on other days both will.
  5. Windows 7. Latest Java installed this morning and graphics drivers updated today as well. So, this has been happening on this PC a lot of the time. Can anyone possibly help me figure out what's wrong? This happens with both characters and right now my horse is sitting out in the middle of our shared deed as it didnt crash for about 30 seconds today so I figured it would be fine. Now the second I try and open it up it crashes.
  6. I actually really like this idea. Not sure how it would be implemented or how many classes you could be part of, but having a limit on them would be pretty cool.
  7. Exactly. Often these are huge servers with just not that many people. It doesn't make a lot of real world sense either as to why you couldn't add 2 more "blocks" onto a house. People do additions all the time.
  8. I'm up for rails and hand carts. Steam engines would kind of kill the feel of wurm. The pump kind would be cool or as Nappy said, dragging by horses would be fun and a faster way to move.
  9. It'd be really cool to double the skill cap for carpentry. This would allow us to create bigger structures and give us more to strive for. It'd be good for at least the planning big structure stage (as a GM) and then you can throttle it back to whatever it was before. We could create large, elaborate town buildings that would require all the same amount of work, but not restrict us to smaller or square/rectangular structures. If anyone knows how to make this mod happen, please make it happen! Thanks a lot
  10. Wow, thats an excellent idea. Heck, maybe make a taller form of lamp just for roadways that could be more like a streelight and output more light so you dont need as many.
  11. I'm up for either. I think it'd be a nice touch.