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  1. You have a moment of inspiration...

    My moment of inspiration has actually been many many moments spread out of the years. I have come and gone as life and work has permitted. Sometimes those breaks were for so long I forgot to pay deed upkeep :(But I've always come back to rebuild... as much fun as that is :x What inspires me are the countless hours spent running aimlessly hunting, or should I say slaughtering? The one true constant in Wurm for me has been picking up a sword and murdering everything that moves! This bloodthirst got started many years ago on epic (sorry, not sorry about your horses theodis) what started out looking like this then this now slowly ticks by like [21:13:59] An aged hell hound is dead. R.I.P. [21:13:59] You have a moment of inspiration... The mindless hunting has gotten me thru some very rough times in life. hearing the screams of the helpless has been very theraputic! .... maybe some year I'll hit 100fs...
  2. Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2017

    Fo checking in on the progress
  3. Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2017

    imping carp and a bit of ships(although not quite to 70)
  4. Mol-Rehan Elevation

    I've been found out!!!!!!
  5. BC gain increase

    I'm personally not even sold on this even being in game yet.... after spending time shooting everything that moved today I can fairly say, the gains were completely horrible... almost bad enough that they were non-existant. Has anyone else even tested these gains yet?
  6. Xanadu Location Names

    we've been calling lake A 'running bear lake' since thats kinda what it looks like :X
  7. Post here your coolest pictures of Xanudu!

    All I wanted was a sermon... what I got was... well.. insanity
  8. Xanadu Map

    c 17 square contains Garden of Arcane Delights and also Garden Shed.
  9. And Then Rolf Said: Let There Be Flowers!

    unless every single person commits to grinding to 100 woodcutting...
  10. Havenspark?

    Just noticed this on the server list... WHAT CAN IT MEAN!?!?
  11. potions

    I used a carpentry potion on a rare saw and it doesnt say anything new... so YAY BUGGED POTIONS!!!! If i had known what exactly it improved I probably could have wasted it on something better... lol...
  12. Why is everyone stuck on realism?

    In Australia I think...
  13. WTS Aurelian Empire deed.

  14. WTS Aurelian Empire deed.

    bump because I'm really willing to accept any reasonable offer. This deed is quite a nice spot to start out on any project. close to good hunting spots, and at a nice traffic route for traders.